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Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Thank you very much for all the expressions of affection and sincere congratulations you have forwarded us after being nominated for the “Mystery Blogger Award.” We really appreciate the time and effort you have taken to send us so many messages to our web page e-mail address and to write commentaries at the bottom of the corresponding blog.

In order to show our gratitude we just set up a countdown sale of the Kindle edition of our novel, “Madame D.C.- Three voyages”, starting on August 1 and lasting a week. The price will start at U$ 1,99 and progressively rise to the list price of U$ 9.99; if you are a Kindle Unlimited member you can download it for free in the medium of your choice.

As we continue writing our second book, “Emotional frustration-the hushed plague“, we confirm our readiness to produce meaningful material that is also pleasant and honest. We hope you continue to support us with your eyes and hearts to stimulate us forward.

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The Mystery Blogger Award

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Occasionally in life (very occasionally I must add) you meet someone with whom you have a strong spiritual communion, which does not mean you agree on every issue. It means that you are emotionally attuned to what the other person has to say or feels plus you eventually develop such a strong mind bonding that you can transmit by telepathy. Usually that person is the “significant other” that you marry and share your life with. But a few of us get so lucky that we find an additional partner without even a single touch.

For several months I have such in quasi-constant communication with such a person. Harbans Khajuria, a fellow blogger from New Delhi, has dazzled us with his clear, straight yet comprehensive discussions of the major spiritual challenges of modern times. He is a well versed intellectual that has worked in the Indian Civil service and now is in the private sphere; as I rightfully guessed by enjoying his writings, he comes from a long tradition of Brahmin teachers of Hindu culture, the only ancient civilization that has come almost unscathed by the ravages of war and conquest to our times.  He dubbed me “Dr. Sahib” , a sign of respect for the learned in India, and I corresponded by calling him “Il Chiaro”, a moniker of a statesman from the powerful Medici family of Florence.

Thank you my dearest “Il Chiaro” for nominating my humble blog for this great award. Please allow me to shamelessly copy out the requirements from your own page.



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Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.

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What is the Mystery Blogger Award?

It’s an award for inspiring bloggers with wonderful posts. Their blog possesses magnetism which not only captivates; it also add to the knowledge. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve the recognition that they get. This award is also for bloggers who get inner satisfaction when fellow bloggers comment on those posts. -Okoto Enigma (

I -Three things about myself

Why did I start my web page and blog?

Initially I started writing articles in order to raise my profile as a marketing tool to start promoting my first book, “Madame D.C.- Three voyages”, published in the Kindle Direct store. In order to organize my work better in a sustained long-term endeavor I decided to chose three major areas of interest: Emotional Frustration, Wellness and Health Care Justice; moreover they constituted the necessary scaffolding to study and write about issues that I will eventually tackle in separate books. The Emotional Frustration series has been enormously successful and has elicited plenty of interesting, challenging commentaries from the educated, concerned feminine public, for which I have decided to start writing my second book called “Emotional Frustration-the Hushed Plague.”  Once you start communicating with readers and bloggers, your mind necessarily opens up to new perspectives and sources of inspiration with their questioning and contributions. Thank you for supporting my writings and grabbing my hand in the journey through the barren desert of the stultifying “modern culture” in order to demand more substance. As many of my readers, I refuse to meekly accept the banality, vulgarity and stupidity of the contents poured over the majority of mass media as a pestilent and sickening sludge. We deserve better. Much better. And we must fight for the mental sanity of our children.

After almost 40 years of uninterrupted medical practice I believe I have the necessary expertise and experience to discuss many pressing Medical and Public Health issues. I believe that the direct communication with readers is a healthy bypass to surmount the mendacious messages of many commercial interests that do not put the patients first. Moreover the daily interaction with so many people from all walks of life has sharpened my sensitivity to their daily difficulties to access equitable and affordable Health Care.

In order to properly address the multi-faceted ailments of our patients, physicians have to learn basic tenets of Sociology, Economics, Psychology, Literature and even Theatre. As the great Spanish physician Gregorio Maranon sagely said in the nineteenth century:

“El que solo de Medicina sabe, ni de Medicina sabe.”

(Whomever only knows about Medicine, not even Medicine knows)

What is the most important asset of a meaningful, attractive blog?

Federico Garcia Lorca, the tragically prolific Andalusian writer assassinated during the Spanish Civil war, was a firm believer in the concept of “duende”, a rising soulfulness that exudes a spontaneous, profound and earthy emotional vitality. Before plunging into literature, Garcia Lorca tried to compose music, preparing arrangements for piano and voice for the Andalusian folk songs and even performing with Manuel de Falla. He conserved his “good ear” for music, which certainly helped to inspire many writings. Some experts have said that in order to write well, you must first try to pay attention to the “inner music” humming in your mind in order to efficiently translate it in words.

Every morning I sit down early in the morning at my desk, in front of my computer, after finishing my basic toilet, prepping my loyal companion since my medical student days- the “mate amargo” and praying to God Almighty for several minutes with special thanks to my grandparents, parents and children. Then I gently lay my hands on the keyboard. A tender muse caresses my face, whispers softly in my left ear and frees the “duende.”  Slowly, stealthily troves of childhood, adolescence and adulthood memories show up; they inundate my mind and offer me the necessary life-saver to stay readily afloat. Many of the characters in my novel and the protagonists in my blogs have been partially modeled on them. One blogger recently asked me if the examples in “Emotional Frustration” are real patients I have seen in my medical office. Well…Yes. And no. A few are real, some others are composites of several individuals. And some are pure fiction. What do you want me to say? I’m a novelist. A liar by birth and craft. Specially to women.

Women. In our modern times, the major battleground for socio-economic causes is not the factory or the street but the bodies of our dear women and the LGBT community. Following the instructions of the greatest intellectual mentor I ever had, my father Mario (who was a proud heterosexual) I read authors like Gracia Lorca, Henry James, Oscar Wilde and Tennessee Williams in my adolescence, sitting by the great library he had collected in our Montevideo apartment. He told me that the homosexual writers were the best appraisers of the suffering of women trapped by the retrograde social conventions. I duly followed his advice and I struggled with those authors. But I got a good head-start.

“Gracias Papa por el ejemplo de honestidad intelectual luminoso que nos transmitiste.”

(Thank you Dad for the brilliant example of intellectual honesty that you gave us)

Why is it so critical for bloggers to contribute to initiatives like this award?

Save for a few exceptions, the majority of writers start producing interesting work after living at least thirty or forty years in order to accumulate experience and knowledge. The tragic trifecta constituted by the inexorable passing of time, lost loves that broke our hearts and their painful remembrances in our present is the great motor of Literature. The closer we are to our inevitable demise as a physical entity in this valley of tears, the better and more focused writers we often become. We crave to transcend our mortality.

Garcia Lorca knew that the proximity of Death prods us to produce writings in earnest. In a conference he gave to a rapturous audience in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he said: “the ‘duende’ does not come at all unless he sees that death is possible. The ‘duende’ must know beforehand that he can serenade death’s house…The ‘duende’ wounds. In the healing of that wound, which never closes lie the strange, invented qualities of a man’s work..The ‘duende’ loves the rim of the wound.”

In the Middle Ages ( my favorite period of History) the population of Europe was sharply divided in multiple ethnic and cultural communities that shared two civic features:

1 – Strong religious beliefs and clear understanding of our societal commitments.

2 – Aggregation in professional-artisanal groups with a shared identity called “guilds.”

Our ancestors knew that individuals had little traction in a long-term fight to achieve respected social status and fend off powerful interests, including the Royalty and Church. They united in ever bigger local groups that had a common work-related feature and a civic mission in their communities; eventually they fostered the emergence of the educated, entrepreneurial and dynamic middle classes that extended worldwide. We believe that bloggers must give up the dangerous delusion that they can stay solely on their own, if they want to bring long-lasting contributions to their places of residence.

G.K. Chesterton was the first blogger in the Anglo-Saxon world, for which we dedicated him a respectful blog as an admirer of his numerous articles with simple common sense. Given that he wrote profusely, without much revision, on several seemingly unrelated topics in journals and magazines, he was initially dismissed as a “not so serious writer.” Just like many mandarins of the establishment summarily dismiss us bloggers nowadays. We must support all the noble web initiatives like this “Mystery Blogger Award.” Let’s join forces at the city, county, state, country levels to forge a common identity and fiat; we will surely encounter a lot of resistance and even some ill-gotten discrimination. But our right for unfettered access for our unique voices in the social media and our firm determination to pass it on to our descendants demand some sacrifice. C’est parti!

For the love of my children, Noel Marie and Gian Luca.

“Once you love somebody, the world becomes your foe.” 

Giles Keith Chesterton

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III – My questions to my nominees are:

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  4. What do you like best in mine?
  5. What do you dislike the most in mine?

IV – My favorite blog is the following:

Sorry. I can’t possibly chose because I like each and every one of them. Why? Because my blood, my sweat is enmeshed in each and every word I have written in my page. Please take your pick by perusing with a gourmand’s eye my list of contents. Bon apetit!


Thank you very much for your kindness and patience in reading this rather long article.



Farmacia Homeopatica Italiana

When the dirt-poor, half-literate and dazed Italian immigrants arrived at the ports of entry of Montevideo and Buenos Aires in the beginning of the Twentieth Century they found two very prosperous (due to their commodities’ export bonanza) yet sparsely populated countries that needed their arms to work in the fields, storage silos, meatpacking plants, leather factories and even in their offices and homes. But the native population was not really interested in their social welfare and health. So these savvy survivors decided to band together in “mutual associations” that provided some basic social services, primary health care facilities, temporary lodging for new arrivals, labour placement, legal advice and even funeral services for the long-term residents.

My dear grandfather Morizio arrived as a child with his whole family from Piemonte and prospered as a winemaker in Uruguay; but he never made it back to his “piccolo paese” in Ricaldone. Neither did the parents from my dear grandmother Yolanda who aldo arrived with their whole families from Salerno in Campania. Their humungous sacrifice enabled their descendants to live, work and study in the host countries.

The peasants from the Mezzogiorno (despectively nicknamed “terrones” by the more wealthy Italians up North) had “fame di terra” and ventured en masse to the hinterlands where they toiled in the fertile plains, the grain storage facilities, the meatpacking and fish processing plants, the cargo facilities in the ports of Rosario and Bahia Blanca. The city of Mar del Plata is located in the Atlantic coastline in the state of Buenos Aires, close to the agricultural centers and with a good harbor to host a fishing fleet. They worked tirelessly for long hours and started large families in that blessed city. But initially they did not have spare money to seek medical care for their families, let alone medication.

The “Farmacia Homeopatica Italiana” was founded in 1914 by concerned professionals that had studied the herbal medicine and natural products that the nascent Homeopathy was promoting at the time. Even with the present worldwide controversies swirling around that healing school, the natural products of this pharmacy have continued to sell very well as their customers value them. When you enter their cozy, downtown location , you are immediately transported into another more genteel age as you gawk at the shelves filled with glass flasks containing natural products and potions. We have been a loyal customer for many years and at present we are using three of their products.

In the mornings we take a solution of “Magnesium Chloride” mixed with some orange juice, before leaving for work we rub either the cream or liquid form of “Arnica” on the knees, and if we happen to eat too much meat or a hearty meal, we take a lemon tea with a few drops of the “Liver Drainer.” This is not a commercial or professional endorsement of their products but the honest testimony of a satisfied customer that values their work.

In our next blogging season we will discuss some of these marvelous natural products plus some others from the milennary Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine as well; we will take advantage of the upcoming summer break to study in earnest before writing. If you happen to be in Mar del Plata, please do not forget to visit this place and chat with the informed pharmacists who are always ready to discuss the indications for their products.

Farmacia Homeopatica Italiana

20 de Setiembre 1678, Mar del Plata

Tel.: (0223) 473-0178, 473-4845, 473-8354


What do you think? Please tell us.

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