We got vaccinated!

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. Yesterday, Monday January the 18th, 2020, we got the Pfizer vaccine in our left arm, as you can see in the picture below. It is still very difficult to get any vaccine in the USA, even though we qualify two-fold: we are a health care provider and we are over 65 years old. But our dear daughter Noël Marie aggressively researched how to get an appointment for us and, finally the tweeter account of Ms. Daniella Levine-Cava, newly elected Mayor of Miami-Dade County, announced that there was a new batch of vaccines coming to Jackson South Medical Center.

The picture above shows the moment when the lovely Matika, a nurse at the facility, plunged the needle. Ouchhh!!! She was assisted by the equally lovely Sonia, who checked the paperwork to keep us honest (good luck with that) We were treated like a V.I.P. by all the concerned staff: Lorenzo and Nick, at the sign-in station on arrival, Andrés and Ursula,  at the documentation station where they verify your true eligibility. Thank you very much for your service.

Thanks to their generous and committed work, we were finally able to get this so precious vaccination certificate.

Thank you, Mayor Daniella Levine-Cava!

Thank you, Keith R. Tribble, CEO of Jackson Health Foundation!

Thank you, marvelous staff of Jackson South Medical Center!

Muchas gracias, queridissima Noelita!

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Don’t leave me alone.



Che cosa ti ha portato La Befana?

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Today is the Day of the Epiphany when millions of children everywhere will get up early at dawn to eagerly find out what the Three Magi Kings left in their shoes the previous night. We still remember our excitement, and the one of our children, when we discovered a toy, a jersey or a book in them. (we confess that we then preferred the toys)

In Western Christianity, this day celebrates the time when the Three Magi Kings arrived at the humble manger where the baby Jesus Christ was lying in his crib, surrounded by the reverent animals all around. Jesus Christ was born.

Note – This image of Filippino Lippi’s Adoration of the Magii was taken from Wikimedia Commons https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1191547

However, this religious feast has a parallel pagan counter-story in the Italian Peninsula where children are waiting for a dubious character called La Befana to show up with presents. Please visit our previous article on the subject.

Che cosa ti ha portato la Befana?

(What has the Befana brought you?)

Today we are all asking that same question. Moreover, we discreetly wish that, besides bringing toys and other presents on her way in, this feisty witch will take this terrible pandemic away on her way back flying on her broom to her isolated cave somewhere. We need all the help we can get to save us from this dire threat to Mankind’s survival.

Happy Three Kings Day!

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Pastaciutta alla Gian Luca

-“Dad, I really didn’t like that Alfredo sauce you bought in the store….Can you prepare a fresh white sauce for me?”

Good morning. Yesterday we were hoping not to dabble in the kitchen, except to just boil some pasta and serve it. We were counting on the leftover pink sauce we had prepared the weekend before last with that a small addition. However, life is never that easy, as you may all well know. Faced with the request of our son Gian Luca (the very best friend that we could ever have in Life) we started to rummage our freezer for alternatives and some inspiration. When we spotted two bags with some enticing sweetbreads, we casually asked Giani: “Have you ever tasted this?” You know the answer, don’t you? As proud Italian-Americans, we heard the commanding clarion call from Antiquity.

Rimboccare le maniche! (roll up your sleeves)

In order to tenderize the sweetbreads, first you must boil them in a thick broth with veggies for at least one hours.

The second step is to grill the sweetbreads for at least half an hour in our homemade rotisserie machine. Great buy.

The sweetbreads should have a crispy exterior, while maintaining its inner juiciness. This is how they will look like.

With our Japanese knife, we sliced the sweetbreads into smaller pieces, as well as the grilled sausages (chorizo)

Now we are ready to prepare the Bechamel sauce, for which you should consult our previous article on this process. After adding the sweetbreads, sausages and walnuts, the sauce should look like this: creamy but without clumps.

We boiled the pasta separately and then laid it on La Bestia, before slowly adding the sauce and parmesan cheese.

Allow us to introduce you a dish fully imagined and conceived in our humble kitchen: Pastaciutta alla Gian Luca.

Buon appetito!

Our son said that it was one of the best pasta dishes he tasted. As he wolfed down two full plates, we believe him.

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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Rotisserie chicken right at home

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good evening. One of the little great discoveries we made during the forced confinement at home (and the inability to visit our favorite restos) was the Nuwave Air Fryer and Oven that we had bought at the beginning of the year. Today we decided to dabble with the Rotisserie option in order to prepare a delicious chicken for our family. Here is the machine working its way to slowly finish the cooking that we had started by boiling it in a broth with veggies. We initially shared it with our close family members in the USA, Argentina, Uruguay and Italy, speaking in Spanish.

Slowly but steadily the skin and the outer layer of meat got progressively browned while the inside stayed very juicy.

After half and hour of grilling “al spiedo”. we took the chicken out to slice it with our Japanese knife on the board.

First we cut alongside the vertebral spine (not on it) and we pried it open in half. Is it juicy enough for your taste?

Now we’ll complete the cutting process and lay the pieces on a tray, together with sides of French fries and a salad. The golden crinkles were not fried in oil, but rather cooked in the air fryer for a more healthy outcome.

Our table is ready. We welcome you to join us for a TV dinner, watching first a football game and then prize boxing.

Buon appetito!

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Don’t leave me alone.



Mad Max (Joe), come to our rescue

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good afternoon. Do you remember that Mad Max was supposedly set in the year 2021? We did not, but we were just reminded by a news anchor in Radio Nacional de España who commented that there were funny memes of it. We have all enjoyed the adventures of that lone Justice Man, in the vein of the Lone Ranger and other similar heroes. Imagine the relief that those defenseless Outback Aussies felt when they saw his virile image coming down the road.

Note – This image from Mad Max, the Road Warrior was taken from Wikimedia Commons.

When we were younger, we all naively believed that the worst scenario for Mankind was that awful hot wasteland crisscrossed by disgustingly looking bandits in a frantic search of victims and petrol to satisfy their basest needs. Hardly did we fathom that there could be a worse scenario like we sadly have today. We have a world now that, due to the economic slowdown of the Covid-19 pandemic and the Social Distancing, has less need of oil and derivatives. The foe that is killing thousands and thousands of our kind is just a tiny microorganisn that likes to jump all around. And our most threatening enemies are the well-dressed politicians and bureaucrats that use a “langue de bois.” Instead of taking care of our urgent need for a massive vaccination campaign in the USA , funded and directed by the federal government, they are fighting about non-sensical issues in D.C,, but at the same time “jumping the line” to get the vaccine. Bunch of deadbeats!

May the Heavens above send us a providential Road Warrior to help us out in this most critical bifurcation from the road ahead of our precious Life.

If incoming President Joe Biden wants “to do it right” , he must similarly get mad at this incredibly inefficient, haphazardly usage of public resources.

And don’t forget to bring your little dog along as it can bite away at the Armani pant’s sleeves of all the useless-talkative-do-nothing D.C. politicians. 

Go get them, Mad Joe!

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Happy New Year 2021

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. We wish you all a Happy New Year 2021, in the company of your loved ones and the realization of your cherished professional and personal goals. May God Almighty grant you those wishes (and many, many more)

After almost a full year of a terrible pandemic, like we have never even fathomed we would go through in Life, we are ready for some glimmer of hope like a massive vaccination campaign to cut the viral transmission for good.

Let us raise our glasses to celebrate the young 2021 and wish good tidings for our families and friends everywhere.




A votre santé!

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American politicians never fail to “show up” at the forefront

-“Sorry, Doc…We must first vaccinate the power players of South Florida…You have to keep waiting.”

That was the laconic and pitiful answer of the Chief of Pharmacy of one of the outpatient facilities in South Florida that has already received a batch of the precious Pfizer-BioNtech and Moderna vaccines upon inquiring when, as a licensed medical practitioner in Florida, we could come up to get dully vaccinated. The upcoming arrival of the Oxford-AstaZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines will certainly follow the same “entitlement pathway.” The disgraceful planning of the Trump administration (leaving all the operational moves to distribute them to the ill-equipped states) has only worsened the awful Public Health picture of the worst month of the pandemic in the USA. What is left of the much vaunted Warp Speed is just a shameful priority given to Power and Privilege in the USA.

Note – This image was taken from Wikimedia Commons.

How can you justify that some unscrupulous politicians have long refused to wear masks in Congress and the White House, given mischievous messages about the severity of the pandemic and now jump the line to get the vaccine?

In an excellent article in The Washington Post, Fenit Nirappil, Isaac Stanley-Becker and William Wran wrote: ” Public officials and politicians are among the first in line for vaccines that have yet to reach all health care workers and wil not become available for months. They are showcasing their vaccinations on television and in social posts to encourage Americans to trust the injections that may spell the end of the pandemic. But some essential workers and other Americans are expressing outrage that they must wait for protection even as leaders who failed to control the pandemic first receive shots first.”

The silly argument that they are “doing us a favor” by demonstrating that “it is safe to get the vaccines” does not hold the minimal intellectual and emotional evaluation. Deadbeat politicians, we do know they are safe because thousands upon thousand of volunteers across the globe and hard-working scientists have already vetted them. We do not need to watch your hypocritical little smiles on TV to rub your “special privileges” on our faces. Who are you trying to fool? Certainly not he millions of dedicated health care professionals of all stripes that do treat patients.

Justice now for the equitable. rational and efficient allotment of the Covid-19 vaccines!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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Don’t leave me alone.

125 years of Magical Dreaming

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good afternoon. Today is the 125th anniversary of the first screening of a film in Human History, which took place in the Salon Indien, a small billiard room of the Grand Café in Paris (at the present time it is occupied by the Hotel Scribe) Louis and Auguste Lumière, inventors of the seventh artform, initially tried to rent space in the Musée Grévin or the Folies Bergères but they were roundly rebuffed by the management of both prestigious places. Finally they convinced Mr. Vopini, owner of the 100 places-salon, to rent it for the sum of 35 francs per day; even though they offered him a cut of the profits, he politely declined to participate in the business (an incredibly silly decision)

That day the brothers Lumière held a small conference for notables and journalists earlier in the afternoon to advertise their nightly show; however, they could not convince a single one of them to attend it Saturday night. They could attract exactly 35 badauds (passers-by, which has a connotation of leisurely walking by in French) that paid one Franc each for a total 35 Francs at the box office. The anxious spectators were really expecting a show of marionettes or the Chinese style play with candles. When lights went out and an attendant started to tinker with a box illuminated from the inside, they knew it was different. Then images started to flicker on a white wall upfront.

Mesmerized, those lucky few watched the crude projection of a few sketches of poor technical quality, one after the other. According to an excellent commemorative article in Herodote.net, they saw La sortie des ouvrières de l’Usine Lumière (the exit of the working women form the Lumière factory), Leçon de Voltige à Cheval ( a lesson of horse acrobatics), Pêche aux Poissons rouges, etc. Word of mouth produced a quick reaction of the Parisian public that started to throng the Grand Café to view the marvelous invention. The director of the Musée Grévin rushed to offer 20,000 Francs for the new invention (an exorbitant amount of money) but the Lumière brothers turned it down; the same happened when the owner of the Folies Bergères doubled that offer. It was not that they were waiting for a  bigger cash-out with their invention. On the contrary, they honestly believed that it had no commercial potential and wanted to spare their rich friends from a bad investment. Auguste Lumière told the illusionist Georges Méliès:

“You should thank me, I am sparing you from financial ruin, because that contraption, simple scientific curiosity, does not have any commercial future.”

These two successful businessmen enjoyed the public success of their invention and started to open many cinemas all over Paris; their ultimate worldwide consecration came during the Expositiom Universelle de Paris in 1900. On a humongous screen of 336 square meters, they made 80,000 spectators dream awake simultaneously. Que c’est beau!

We have all, sometime in our lives, dreamt awake in the flickering darkness of a movie theater, with good company.

Let us hope that after this terrible pandemic finally passes away, we can recover that unique magical experience. 

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’ leave me alone.

Buona domenica con la Raviolatta alla Dotta Pellegrina

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good afternoon and Happy Sunday. We are approaching the end of the year and our 2019 blogging season ; there are only two articles left before we take an extended, postponed for untold years, and, false modesty apart, well deserved vacation until sometime in March. Today we decided to prepare for dinner some spinach and cheese ravioli with a Dotta Pellegrina sauce, which you must be already familiar with. Here is our final preparation in La Bestia.

Please join our humble table for this hearty dish in a wintery evening with plenty of conversation and camaraderie.

Buon appettito!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.