The girls were having fun long before boys got wind of their hobby.

In 2015 a siltstone phallus dating back 28,000 years was found in Germany. Phalluses made from stone, leather and camel dung have been found in other excavations. Initially labelled as “decorative objects”, they were used for practical deeds.

Even though good sexual practices bring happiness, it is not the only factor. Just blaming women’s emotional woes to lack of sex is simply preposterous. The problem might reside in “improper seduction” of the feminine gender.

Men relate with other people usually through well-defined, clear objectives. Their eyesight is critical for that behavior. But women tend to relate more with impressions and sensations, for which their skin assumes a critical role.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Addyi for the treatment of low sexual desire in premenopausal women without any associated psychiatric diseases but it has several prescription restrictions.

Camille Paglia, professor at Temple University, believed that the pervasive sexual frigidity of many modern bedrooms is related to bourgeois propriety.

She claimed that in the middle class realm all physicality is suppressed as men and women are fully interchangeable, doing the same mind-based work. She foretold that pharmaceutical companies cannot make a “female Viagra.” “Inhibitions are stubbornly internal. And lust is too fiery to be left to the pharmacist.”

Long, long time ago, before I became a monk of Medicine, a savvy lady, upset that I was maladroitly groping her, whispered pointedly in my left ear.

“Relax, darling…Seduce my mind—my clothing will fall down on its own.”

Perhaps that lady might be willing to mentor the pharmaceutical executives.


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8 thoughts on “It’s not only about sex

  1. I agree with you Mario: sex is not everything. Especially for women. I’m worried about young girls, young women…. pornography seems to make they think that they have to be “sex machines”, that they have to accept to do all the things they see in porn movies. Some collect lovers, but where is love in their lifes?
    We didn’t change. Our sexuality is still the same in our souls. And so many women corrupt themselves when they behave like porn stars.
    My daughter is 14 years old. I hope her first time will be romantic….much more than mine. I remember “I did it” because I was 18 and I thought I had to do it. And I don’t even remember the name of this boy. That’s a shame! Inconsciouly I needed to forget his name . That was a shit first time. So I tell my daughter that they is no urge, ” do it with a boy you love, and who loves you with respect. The first time is so important.”
    Thank God, she’s young and pure…

    1. Dear Veronique: thank you very much for your sincere and powerful commentary of our blog. You are brave enough to share with us the sweet-sour memories of your adolescence and I believe that you are great parent, committed to the well-being of your daughter. It is important that you talk about these issues in a frank way so she would not commit the “mistakes” you mention. Un gros bisou. Au revoir.

  2. I only wish both parties in a relationship would understand that to experience fulfillment is a joint effort where there is open communication regarding needs and expectations before or during the act of love making. Thanks for trying to bringing this up for discussion.

    1. Dear “Someone”: good afternoon and thanks for your commentary. I love your “nom de guerre”, very intriguing. As you say, we need better communication before, during and, may I add, after the act of lovemaking. I am glad that you appreciate that I am daring to bring these kind of discussions out of my medical office and into the open. Thank you also for not leaving me alone.

  3. Very true De Mario…we move too fast today, so few take the time for Seduction of the mind…the Boss of the body! Those old Girls quietly used the herbs Damiana & Dong Quoi = Female Viagra!!!!!!

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