It finally landed. The Zika virus has arrived in the BRSF in earnest.

Wynwood, a trendy and touristy small section of Miami, has had 14 cases of infection in the past few days, most likely spread by an infected traveller from the Caribbean or South America. The one square gentrified quarter is full of upscale boutiques, innovative restaurants and expensive nightclubs. Scores of tourists and residents are daily wandering in its streets, usually in the evening, all year round.

As young people nowadays like to live near “ where the action is”, many new building developments have sprouted there to satisfy that big demand. A few of them were completed but several are still under construction with many places where standing water collects—a mosquito breeding ground.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put out a warning that pregnant women should avoid traveling to Miami and those that did after June 15 should be tested for the virus. It was prompted by the state’s request to activate a CDC emergency response as local efforts to eliminate the mosquito breeding grounds were failing.

In a blatant display of its irresponsible, shameful elitism that disdains the commoners’ plight, both chambers of the US Congress adjourned for its planned summer recess without approving a Zika emergency Funding bill. Millions of dollars that were already earmarked for municipalities to pay for critically needed human and material resources are being kept on hold until  our so-called “elected” representatives get their tan.

The White House initially requested 1.9 billion dollars but Congress reached a bipartisan compromise of 1.1 billions. However Senate democrats blocked it after House Republicans attached some unrelated provisions— the “poison pills.” One of them was about using Confederacy flags in military funerals.

As the “gerrymandering”—drawing an odd district to assure a persistent voting advantage to a party—has had the collateral effect of wiping the moderate candidates out and enthroning the extremists in both parties, there is political paralysis in Washington D.C.

The D.C. duncehood is enabling the Dead to dictate draconian conditions to the Living.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

5 thoughts on “The D.C. duncehood

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  2. It is disgusting. They sit in their Ivory Towers creating legislation to benefit themselves and their districts, take PAC money from special interest groups assuring a vote for them and dictating to “We The People” about how we should live, what pharmaceuticals to take and which poisons we should use on our crops. I’ll stop here but I could go on for an eternity!!

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