Miami Beach, Monday September the 5th, 2016

Dear friends:

It is a great pleasure to share a few pages of the first book of my novel series titled “Madame D.C.” with you. We have spent many years writing and editing this manuscript, the culmination of our dream to become a fiction writer. We hope you enjoy it reading as much as we did writing it. Just click where it says “Madame D.C.” in the Menu icon and you will see the first 52 pages of the manuscript.It is still “a work in progress.”

We would like you to share your thoughts about it, as we are willing and ready to make any needed corrections that will improve the manuscript. Please fill in the contact form as we would like to contact you promptly with the details of the publication in both the printed and electronic forms; moreover we are organizing a raffle for our supporters in the social media. Please be advised that we do not, and will not, share this information with any vendor or organization as we consider it a precious source of readership.

The manuscript is under copyright protection as the United States Copyright Office has issued the corresponding certificate in accordance with title 17 of the United States code. No part of this manuscript shall be copied, stored or diffused in any kind of printed, electronic, oral or visual form without the explicit, written authorization of its author or one of his authorized representatives.

Last night I had a little disagreement in my dreams with the lady of the statue, the symbol of my heroine. Legend says that she had sat in that bench to wait for the return of her departed boyfriend who finally succumbed in the horrible trenches of the Somme battle. She stubbornly waited for days on end until the cold Atlantic weather got the best of her.

-“Doctor, why aren’t you putting the whole manuscript online?” she asked me.

-“Oh, I’m still editing it,” I replied. “Besides I’m negotiating its publication…”

-“Fine…I’ll keep waiting for you. But you can only show my back for the time being. You’ll only be allowed to show my full figure in the cover of the published book…Suffisant.”

What do you want me to say? Women!

Please share with us the joy of reading and discussing our manuscript.

Dr. Mario O. Laplume

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