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It is a great pleasure to introduce Ms. Dilia Calderín, better known as Dottoressa Dilia in the social media, who will be our guest blogger today. She attended Medical School in “Victoria de Girón” and “Hospital Salvador Allende” of La Habana, Cuba, from 1982 to 1989, receiving her MGI certificate in 1994. She obtained a diploma of Thrombolysis in the “Santiago Davies Vegas” in La Habana in 2006. She worked as an emergency physician in the “Policlínico Boyeros” of La Habana in 2005-2011. She obtained a Dermatology certificate in the “Hospital Guillermo Fernández Baquero” in 1999. She completed a post-graduate thesis on “Alcoholism and Drug addiction” in 1998. She obtained a diploma of “Pediatric nutrition and Hygiene” in the “Hospital Pediátrico del Centro de La Habana” in 1997. At present she works as a phlebotomy technician in Miami, Florida; at the present time she holds the MA, EMR, PCT,EKG and CPR certifications.

Her astounding intelligence, unusual charme and great looks made her an instant success in the singles’ dating circuit and today she wants to share a few thoughts with us. She promises to be unusually frank in her blog, for which I will leave momentarily to take cover in a bomb shelter. As she is studying the Italian language, she chose a fitting “nom de guerre” and introduction. Let’s welcome our guest and dear friend. Dottoressa, avanti!

“Gli donne devonno rimboccare le maniche”

Enough already. I’ve had it with all these women whining and complaining. Nowadays you can’t open a magazine or a web page without stumbling into another woman criticizing the bad behavior of all the men in her lifetime. Ladies, it’s time to separate the grain from the chaff and talk openly about a common cause of emotional frustration. Stay with me.

The unrelenting pressure of the modern workplace, the unrealistic demands of the communities on individuals, the stressful residua from attained and still to be reached life goals, the inadequate diet and consumption of alcohol, the physical ravages of chronic diseases like diabetes, the shameful spread of pornography and consumerism as a substitute for real human relations, the lack of family or friendly support to discuss big issues and, above all else the hypocrisy of a supposedly “liberated” society that still plays by troglodytic rulings has contributed to the spread of a pandemic: the erectile dysfunction.

Yes ladies, be truthful. Stop pretending that you’ve found “your” Mr. Darcy. The majority of mature women have to daily deal with that stark reality. When I signed up to dating websites, I hardly knew that there was a catch. During the past four years I’ve met dazzling gentlemen that took me out for dinners in fancy restaurants, music concerts, dance halls, boating trips, you name it—

Everything was fine until the moment of truth came in our loving encounter. In spite of my erotic overtures and shows of affection, many candidates could not muster the necessary “mojo” to complement my ardent sexuality…Frustratingly enough we ended up with a manual consolation for him…And a mechanical one for me. It really sucks!

Dr. Walter Ghedin explained to us in a previous blog that the sexual act is unlike any other human behavior as it requires a low level of anxiety in order to get a good climax. Women are rightly proud of their social and economic achievements, which heralded a more prominent and decisive role in individual and family affairs. If women are active outside the bedroom, why remain so passive inside it? Why that difference in attitudes?

Finally I decided to roll up my sleeves to prep my latest candidate for action. I arrived at this apartment before he did to change the whole environment. I changed his dark, old bedsheets for light, clean ones that smelled of jasmine. I passed the vacuum cleaner in the living room to rid it of dust and allergens. I prepared 2 or 3 simple tapas to nibble with some Chardonnay. I put some relaxing music from Nana Mouskouri as I waited for him.

When he opened the door, he took a deep breath and kissed me on my cheek.

-“Wow…this place looks and smells different…It needed a woman’s touch.”

-“Go refresh yourself and sit down in the couch…It’s only the beginning—”

We had a leisurely chat, casually nibbling at the tapas and sipping the wine.

That night he had a good erection and orgasm that made him cry like a baby.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

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