When I was a teenager in Montevideo, I admired the writing prowess of Gustave Flaubert’s “Madame Bovary”, making it my favorite novel. I read each page musing: “one day I’ll write something similar to this book.” At that time I had three main objectives for my life that was stretching all ahead of me.

First I wanted to become a militant of progressive causes, which I did at great risk of physical and psychological harm as I knew the inside of prison.

Second, I wanted to become a medical doctor and heal human beings as my father Mario always wanted for his eldest son, which I finally accomplished.

Third, I wanted to emulate Antón Chéjov who used his clinical experience to write outstanding novels and plays seared with our daily, painful humanity.

In 2009 I finally sat down to write the opening pages of “Madame D.C.” with great enthusiasm and little knowledge of the necessary editing acumen. By practicing daily, reading voraciously, registering for seminars and talking to other writers, I could slowly acquire it to polish my incipient manuscript.

I finished writing it in March 2015 and I have been editing it until a few days ago. As Ernest Hemingway once said: “there is not good writing…only good re-writing.”

I believe that the process of writing the other two volumes will be speedier.

In a few days the final version of “Madame D.C., Book I – Three Voyages” will be available in the Kindle Store as an e-book. First of all, I would like to thank Jeff Bezos who, true to his famous pledge that if anything goes wrong in Amazon we must directly email to him, had the gracious gesture of assigning a Kindle Direct representative to answer my questions and help me through the publishing process. Thank you Marcos Vargas for being such a patient and helpful advisor.

In this moment of triumph I do remember fondly Gladys and Mario, my parents, who passed to me the genetic material and the spiritual strength to go through the harrowing journey of creating a work of fiction with élan.

Noël Marie and Gian Luca, my two children, have been standing by me, helping and encouraging me since the first day, which buttressed my work.

At long last I made all the necessary merit to one day carry this epitaph:

“Médecin, Ecrivain, Sémeur de songes.”

4 thoughts on “She is here!

      1. Que bueno pa. La novela al fin esta escrita, tanto tiempo y tanto esfuerzo. Me estoy muriendo de ganas de leerla. Se que va estar buenisima.


      2. Gracias hijo querido. Vos fuiste testigo de todo los sacrificios que hicimos para llevar adelante este proyecto. Finalmente lo logramos. Siempre juntos. Siempre firmes. Siempre adelante!


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