-“Doctor….When I’m sexually aroused, I get all wet…Is it normal?”

Megan X. is a young, informed secretary with a good, long-time relationship with a man and she popped that question in my office a while ago. Of course it is. Unfortunately the mainstream media—all too ready to discuss the sexual escapades of the rich and famous—does not address these practical issues to further our sexual education.

The good lubrication of the vagina is a requisite for its safe penetration by the masculine penis and to achieve a satisfactory sexual response in females. When there is a dearth of liquid response, the sexual act becomes flawed due to the pain experienced by the female and the possibility of vaginal damage.

One of the commonest causes of sub-optimal lubrication is the man’s hurry to penetrate the vagina, which prevents the female to become truly excited.The time needed by an individual female to achieve a good lubrication varies according to her age, her hormonal stage and her bodily connections.  In general, women need more time than men to achieve their sexual arousal.

As a woman ages, she progressively loses her natural load of estrogens which decreases her natural capacity to lubricate properly in the sexual act. A clinical study of 2400 women showed that the use of lubricants, water-based or in gel form, improved the sexual satisfaction for 70% of those that used it with a sexual partner and for 60% of those that used it alone.

Even in our supposedly “informed” modern societies, there is a Middle Ages-we don’t talk about those issues kind of disinformation in basic sexual matters that concern all human beings.

Long, long time ago (before I became a monk of Medicine) I had a passionate relationship with a gorgeous young lady from Annecy, in the French Alps. She used to bring a towel to the nightstand to wipe her profuse welling up.When I plunged deep into her intimacy, I could hear the roaring thunder of the melting snows-torrent coming downstream to splash my face, so ridden with scars from so many lost sentimental frays, with a rejuvenating, healing  ambrosia.

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4 thoughts on “The “shameful” lubrication

  1. Sometimes men hurry, it’s true, and seduction and foreplay are taken for granted. Women need time, so if there’s no trust, not enough attraction or partners don’t know each other well enough, sex if often bad.
    Again, it all boils down to how open we are to communicate about sex. It’s a taboo, accompanied by shame, fear, embarrassment, a feeling that everything goes without saying while women relay on men to get the job done instead of addressing the issue. Once partners start feeling comfortable with each other, sex improves and lubrication indeed goes without saying. Before this happens dear men, pay attention to women’s brain, not their panties.

  2. querido amigo, Mario, muy interesante tu artículo sobre un tema que se presenta con mucha frecuencia en la consulta sexológica. Los problemas de lubricación van acompañados de dispareunia (dolor durante el coito) y como consecuencia se evitan los encuentros eróticos. Más allá de que en algunos intervienen causas orgánicas, el factor más importante son los desajustes en los tiempos y en las formas de unión sexual. Todavía imperan diferencias que llevan a los hombres a preferir la penetración y a subestimar el juego previo, etapa fundamental para que la mujer se lubrique. El imperativo de la potencia viril se conjuga con el temor a perder la erección, lo cual lleva a que muchos hombres se apuren y penetren cuando la pareja mujer aún no está preparada. Resumiendo: el juego previo es fundamental: prepara los cuerpos, las mentes se relajan y el placer se siente con más fuerza. Abrazo!

    1. Querido Walter: buenos dias y muchas gracias por tu gran comentario que agrega muchas facetas a a la problematica con tu gran capacidad pedagogica. Este blog se inspiro en tu articulo tuyo que aparecio hace unos dias en “El Pais.” de Madrid. Un gran abrazo!

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