-“Doctor…I see a lot of upheaval in your future…Sorry to tell you!”

Samantha X. is a very pleasant, quiet middle aged lady working during the daytime as a dental assistant and dabbling in palm reading on evenings. Whenever she visited my office, she would insist on reading mine and I occasionally tolerated her blurting out of psychic trivia that went nowhere.

When I was an intern in a New York City hospital, I often had to visit the admitted patients at night to make them sign the consent for their scheduled surgery in the morning; as I was the only fluent French-speaker in the team, I usually took care of all their Haitian customers. One night I interviewed a beautiful Haitian lady that was a member of the ruling elite in that country. When I was about to leave her room, she said something that still lingers on:“You have a special halo around you…You’re gifted!”

Over their long, intense careers, most physicians develop some sensory skills that enable them to “read” the etheric fields surrounding their patients; some are better at it than others, depending on their sensitivity and attention. We also learn to be cautious in what we say as we don’t want to burden our patients with trivia that might be wrong, irrelevant or uncomfortable to them.

Samantha kept coming to my office as I gave a welcoming ear to her drivel. Until one day she stopped her expansive banter and was suddenly subdued.

-”What’s wrong?” I asked her.

-”Shouldn’t board that plane in the mountains—“ she replied.

-“What plane? What mountains?”

-“Mark my words…Got to go.” She stood up and skedaddled in tears.

On September 11, 2001, something was wrong in my overnight flight from Santiago de Chile (it has an airport by the Andean mountains) as the captain could not get clearance to land in Miami in spite of being low on fuel. He finally got it. When it came to a halt, the door opened and a group of men in military fatigues burst in; they checked the plane and left after a few minutes. Only when we disembarked, half-dazed after the long flight, did we learn the tragedy that was unfolding in New York.

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4 thoughts on “The psychic drivel

  1. Palm reading gives me the creeps. I did it once for fun at a bus stop in some god forsaken place in Turkey. I laughed at it back then. A few years afterwards, it wasn’t funny any more. It was real.
    Needless to say, I don’t want to do it ever again.

  2. Some people can see beyond, therefore, they are beyond what science can explain. A third eye? Fascinating.

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