-“Doctor…I’m desperate…My husband fell in love with a web woman.”

Did Claudia X. mean that her husband had met someone in the Internet? No.

Did she mean that he was pursuing someone in the social media? No.

Did she mean that he was registered in an online dating service? No.

She literally meant that he had created a woman of his complete liking.

The daily travails of a steady relationship, marriage or whatever other type of accommodation it takes, mean that the partners must tough it out. The fantasies of a forbidden relationship can help to endure that slogging in a clandestine way and all too often without any consequences to the couple. Occasionally the fantasizing individual may decide to go into real action.

The modern connectivity has enabled many frustrated individuals to surpass the limits of a rigid, loveless relationship into the pseudo-choices of the web. Many people maintain secret, quasi-platonic relationships with other persons they have never met personally and they like that bonding just the way it is. It is clean, fulfilling, even exhilarating, and what’s better there’s no remorse.

A BBC report says: “unless something happens to boost Japan’s birth rate, its population will shrink by a third between now and 2060. One reason for the lack of babies is the emergence of a new breed of Japanese men, the otaku, who love manga, anime and computers—and sometimes show little interest in sex…A survey by the Ministry of Health, Labour and welfare in 2010 found 36% of Japanese males aged 16 to 19 had no interest in sex.”

Having sex and later babies is part of the growing up process that humans have experienced for thousands of years in earnest. The social upheaval caused by the economic downturn of the early part of the 21st century and the relentless emancipation of women has caused a lot of anxiety in men, many of whom had withdrawn into their own fantasies.

Perhaps Claudia’s husband is an otaku who is not interested in her anymore.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

11 thoughts on “The virtual rival

  1. Millennials fantasize about the latest iphones. Their brains are preoccupied too much to think about other women/men.

    Fantasies are good and useful only if we don’t live completely in a fantasy world.
    But then, many fantasies are nothing but the reflection of our suppressed desires. We often fail to communicate our real needs to our partners as a result of social pressure, expectations, taboos, shame. I guess our fantasies are some of the most reliable personality tests.

    I read once there’s the frequency of homosexual fantasies among heterosexuals and heterosexual ones among homosexuals, which cannot be used as an indication of actual sexual preference. I am very much heterosexual and yet my fantasies often include women. What do you think, dottore.

    What a comment to wake up to, huh? Morning.

    1. Good morning and Happy Sunday cara amica. Thank you very much for this excellent commentary. Yes it was a nice way to wake up, but only partially. I woke up less than an hour ago to go to the bathroom; then I sat in front of my laptop to read about the many marches held yesterday against gun violence while I had a snack. As we discussed yesterday the American youth is finally waking up and learning how to influence the political process. That’s important for a concerned father of two American youngsters like me. Mmm…regarding our hidden fantasies, please tell me a little bit about yours dear. I am all ears.

      1. It’s good they’re waking up. They’ve been sleeping far too long….

        Along with fantasies of a better world, I fantasize about being with another woman, threesome (different combinations), bondage, public sex, role plays…That’ll do for one morning. Tell me yours.

      2. Hey, are you still here girl? I just woke up and I sat with my “mate amargo” to resume my leisurely reading of Sunday papers. Well, thanks for your resilience. Let’s see.. Oh dear. Do you really have that many fantasies? I wouldn’t want to be around you when you start acting on them. Let’s keep you safely in the throes of a steady couple relationship. My fantasies? Well, let me confess that when I fell asleep a few hours ago, SHE WAS THERE. You know who. Defiantly waiting with her whip on hand. She chained me to the bed, rubbed some tickling Vaseline on my body and then… Just horrible. I can’t go on. How humiliating!

    2. Ahhh….Still sleepy. I’m going back to bed to dream about a gorgeous walkiria, wearing a tight leather miniskirt, high heel boots and a menacing whip, that invades my bedroom…

      1. Walkiria, you said. So, I can get to decide who lives and who dies?! Well, we’ll see what the battle will show. Leather, boots and a whip on top of it. It looks like a German porn vid.

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