-“Doctor…He sent that dirty selfie to our daughter—imagine her surprise!”

Maria X. is a nice and attractive middle-aged woman that had been separated from her husband for a few months and lives with their teenage daughter. A few weeks ago, he had the bad idea of taking a picture of an intimate body part and, trying to send it to his girlfriend, he erred with the speed dialing.

The most common sexual attitudes that produce emotional frustration in women are :

  1. Use of explicit pictures to stimulate libido
  2. Take an inordinate amount of time in intercourse
  3. Hasty stimulation of the clitoris without a proper preamble
  4. Refrain from moaning and other expressions of pleasure
  5. Excessive attention to “romanticism” instead of passion

Use of explicit pictures to stimulate libido. In contrast to the seemingly boundless masculine appetite for erotic pictures of the opposite sex, women are not particularly interested in watching explicit pictures or pornography. Women like to compose their own imagery about someone they like so they would rather have a picture of the smiling beau wearing a smart Italian suit and being coveted by a competing woman (the Ferrari key chain is optional)

Take an inordinate amount of time in intercourse. After the nice foreplay is finally over, the feminine body is prepared to engage in sexual intercourse in full swing. The necessary lubrication of the vagina in order to avoid harm will only last for a limited amount of time, after which she feels severe pain. The erroneous belief that men should pump on and on is counterproductive.

Hasty stimulation of the clitoris without a proper preamble. Women have the benefit of having the only human organ full dedicated to sex: the clitoris. It is a well-vascularized organ with multiple nerve endings in order to transmit the sexual sensations to the CNS. Before attempting to touch it, the partner must suavely caress the labia majora and minora of her vagina for some time in order to prod it to come out from under its capuchon. Then he must patiently exercise the gentlest of contacts to avoid overstimulation.

Refrain from moaning and other expressions of pleasure. Men have been taught to avoid overt expressions of pleasure in bed, as it is supposedly not “manly enough” and only apt for “sissies”, which has limited the feminine excitation. The exchange of explicit noises and exclamations is paramount to achieve a good excitatory state and the attainment of a satisfactory orgasm.

Excessive attention to “romanticism”, instead of passion.  Men have properly learned how to treat women more gently and respectfully in the past few decades as the surge of Feminism has changed the social mores. However women have passionate fantasies that can match and even surpass those of men as we have already discussed before in our blog “The ‘forbidden’ fantasies.” Men should carefully heed the feminine need for intensity in the bedroom.

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12 thoughts on “What she doesn’t like in sex

  1. I like moaning ‘sissies’ and please no ‘romanticism’ in bed. No hasty stimulation of the clitoris, agreed. Foreplay yes, yet not too long. I may lose interest.
    I like watching explicit pictures and pornography.
    A smart Italian suit for a fantasy? God, what an awful turn-off.

    So, no generalizations, dottore.

    Buona giornata.

    1. There’s an old Spanish saying that goes like this: “en cuestion de gustos, no hay nada escrito.” Have a wonderful Sunday in the company of your loved ones!

    1. Good evening my Phicklebuddy and thanks for the comment. Unfortunately , for all their bravery in other issues, there’s too much denying and hypocrisy in frustrated females who usually end up seeking consolation in Dildoland.

      1. So true! In 2018 I’m going to do a once a month dating advice post. Maybe after that I’ll move onto sexual advice. Everybody could use a little coaching now and then!

      2. All right. Church and I would do the back up and we offer our services as volunteers for the “hands-on” sessions, know what I mean?

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