-“Doctor…It’s so much easier than a real relationship—it’s a transaction.”

Carol X. is a successful real estate agent and entrepreneur that has confided to me that she regularly patronizes the services of a discreet escort agency. After meeting a male stripper in a bachelorette party that offered his after-hours services to her, she got hooked on a young, muscular company. .

After a long marriage with an indelicate man that only wanted to achieve a quick orgasm and then left her wanting, both physically and emotionally, she got a divorce a few months ago and vowed never again to marry a man. She has experienced with several occasional partners, even with a woman. But the daily pressure of comforting somebody’s needs is too much for her extremely busy life.

She has only shared that secret with a gay confidante, her coiffeur and moi. In a modern woman’s world the attendance to church to give a confession to a priest has been replaced by a visit to the salon or the medical office. Not a single one of her friends, even women, have an inkling of those escapades. The web has given that newfound opportunity to women who are not rich. In general they want the perfect combination between sexual performance and affection, their own gladiator in bed who knows how to cuddle them right.

Sometimes the feminine interest in a man transcends her mere erotic desires.

Long, long time ago (before I became a monk of Medicine) I happened to work in a medical clinic owned by a wealthy and widowed Russian lady. She seemed to like me enough to pay me generously, including some living expenses, and she invited me to fine restaurants. She enjoyed my company and conversation but she did not want sex.

-“Mommy, she doesn’t want to sleep with me,” I told my mother by telephone.

-“Really? That’s perfect…She gives you a lot and asks for nothing, dear.’

-“You think so?’

-“Of course…Just find a young, eager girl to enjoy that largesse without remorse.”

What do you want me to say? That episode of redistribution of wealth from one privileged lady to a needy one may have sparked my monastic vocation…

What do you think?” Please tell me.

Don’t leave me alone.

6 thoughts on “The gigolo

  1. What was once a taboo has become mainstream. Women are more willing to pay for their sex, getting ‘a perfect boyfriend’ who does not ask too many questions, or at least not the awkward ones, there’s freedom to do whatever they want and at the end of the day, men leave. No strings.

    Besides, it’s more than sex.
    I read about an agency employing gigolos. The owner said they should look like model-type guys, but not only. They need to be educated, humorous, intelligent and a gentleman. So could blame women?

    Morning, dottore. Have a splendid day and a wonderful weekend.

    1. Good morning and thanks for your nice commentary ma chere amie. It’s a pleasure to wake up and find the gracious gift of one of your assessments, with a polite greeting and all, in my inbox. Yes, women have taken control of their lives, including the sexual aspects. Only looks? Ca va de soi (please forgive me for not putting the French punctuation as I have not found out yet how to do it in this fancy HP laptop my kids gave me as a Christmas present) Women always try “to see” beyond the mere aesthetic aspect in a close encounter with a prospective lover/friend. D’accord? Bises.

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