On June 10, 11 2017, we attended the first major gathering of professionals, industry representatives and general public that focused on the multiple uses and presentations of Cannabis and its extracts in South Florida. As we have already discussed in our previous articles on the medical use of Cannabis, the extraction and purification of the CBD component has allowed its certification and commercialization for care issues.

Walking through the exposition hallways we met interesting people of all walks of life. Right upfront there was a station from “Weedmaps”, an information company that has been called “the Amazon of hemp.” According to Carrissa, the lovely lady serving as its hostess, it is a fully integrated site for all the issues related to the use of marijuana.

A few paces away there was a über-multi-coloured and lively presentation of “MagicalButter”, a state-of-the-art botanical extractor to prepare edibles. Dalton, the smiling guy that appears as the image of this article, patiently explained the steps to prepare smoothies, dressings and other delicacies.  A few paces away I found an example of CBD – innovation. Lawrence, a sales manager from “Quantum Group Distribution”, showed me how a small nebulizer delivered its necessary dosage in a fast, clean way.There was also space for entertainment options as Kathy explained the cruise ship schedules offered by “Bhang Travel” in accommodations of “MSC.”

The educational activities were informative; unfortunately we could only attend a few of them but we harvested many pearls from that experience. Attorney Michael Minardi, who represents clients that were prosecuted for consuming and/or planting of marijuana, explained to the defense basis on the grounds of “medical necessity”, The use of Cannabis for healing purposes must be supported by the medical condition of the patient and the unavailability of other treatment options for severe pain and other ailments. He told us that since the times of the British colonies, the American settlers have defended the use of local remedies against abusive authorities. He gave us several examples of cases he had litigated across the nation; it seemed that once the need for Cannabis is established and the possibility of trafficking is ruled out, most prosecutions are gracefully dismissed by the juries for the relief of defendants and their families.

Montel Williams, a former Navy service man and famous entertainer, made us all laugh with his spontaneous account of the many instances when he was detained at the airport security because he was carrying a pipe; his life dramatically changed when he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr. Stuart Titus, an entrepreneur from California, explained to us that in the USA there was not an established tradition of Herbal Medicine like in India, China or even Europe and there was a suspicion of medicinal products that could not be thoroughly quantified. He believed that the sustained efforts at scientific research, industry methods and clinical research will eventually overcome that disconnect and facilitate its medical use.

Cheryl Shuman, dubbed as the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana” by the media, narrated how since she was diagnosed with cancer several years ago she has been using marijuana for medical purposes. As she wanted to share her experience with the public she began a high profile campaign in the media. She had to overcome plenty of vitriol from many quarters but she managed to focus the discussion on patients’ right to an alternative Medicine tool. She eventually became a very successful Cannabis business entrepreneur. In her closing argument she became very personal as she shared some privy details about her present medical condition, which was a highly charged emotional moment. We wish her a successful treatment and recovery period as she’s in our prayers.

The unrelenting scientific and clinical evidence that Cannabis, and specifically the CBD component, has multiple uses in chronic diseases will certainly promote many more conferences like this one in the near future in our area and the rest of the nation.

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2 thoughts on “First Southeast Cannabis Conference and Expo

  1. Cannabis clearly has medicinal value. If studies have shown it has helped cancer patients and children with convulsions, then this is compelling evidence of it’s medicinal value. Cannabis is a really safe, effective, and non toxic alternative to many standard medications. Thank you for this article Dr. Laplume, I look forward to the ones to come.

    1. Good afternoon my dear associate in the care of socially vulnerable patients in the multicultural Calle Ocho of Miam and thank you for your enlightened commentary. A big kiss. Arrivederci!

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