-“Doctor…My boss has an affair with a male co-worker—I hate her.”

Alyssa X. is a nice, hard-working middle-aged agent in the downtown office of a national real estate company who also juggles her marriage’s demands. After toiling long hours in the office and outside it (she has to show the units on sale and for rent to customers) she feels she has been neglected. She should have been promoted to a more senior position with better benefits. Lately she has been fuming about the no-so-hidden affair of her boss with a male employee that arrived one year ago, both married and with children.

They spend long hours in her corner office with the door tightly shut; her boss has given instructions to her secretary to never interrupt them and, in case of emergency, text her a message instead of just knocking on the door. She has a big suite with plenty of amenities like a sofa and a stocked fridge; on Thursdays her secretary replenish it with champagne and tasty snacks. They always “work” until late on Fridays, with the pretence of catching up.

In public her behaviour becomes more insulting as she always puts down most of the office employees while invariably, ostensibly praising his work. She looks distracted and has missed a few targets set by the central office. But nobody, including her superiors at headquarters, seems to care about it. A few days ago Alyssa dared to hint at the pernicious effects for the staff of the “in-house distraction” in a water cooler chat, which drew the ire of the philandering lady. Alyssa apologized. The workplace morale of the rest of the staff has been eroded by this situation.

-“What should I do, Doctor? I want to quit,” she said.

-“Mmm…that would only hurt you,” I replied. “What does Human Resources say?”

-“Nothing…as if everything were normal.”

-“Well, perhaps it has not properly entered their focus as they dismiss the rumours as malicious gossip…It’s not illegal to have an affair and should not be anybody’s business…But if it starts affecting the bottom line—”

-“That’s an idea…One of the executives from the main office comes to town next week …He usually inappropriately flirts with me but this time I’ll use that to my advantage …When we go for a coffee in Starbucks, I’ll casually lay the latest sales chart on the table.”

Never underestimate the camouflaged resources of a despondent woman.

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11 thoughts on “The office romance

  1. Morning dear,

    I liked this post. It’s very brave.

    Now this is how I see it. No, it’s not illegal to have an office affair, but I’ve always considered it a big no no to fall for your colleague. It’s risky business and so much can go wrong.

    Seeing each other all the time is seen as something positive, but it’s not my cup of tea, I’m afraid. I like my alone time and my freedom. I wouldn’t like to see my partner in the office TOO. That would be a bit too much.

    Then, unconsciously (or not), many people think about the perks, which is terrible, don’t you think?

    Dating a colleague may be fun and exciting in the beginning but very distracting too. Besides, I wouldn’t like to make it public and it would be awkward hiding all the time for fear that the entire workplace might find out about our affair (let alone if one is married…there I said it). So, I wouldn’t be surprised if some companies prohibit workplace relationships. If you ask me, we’re putting our job and the whole business in jeopardy.

    Hierarchy in a company needs to exist, but…
    I’d leave the dom/sub games for bedroom and go to work to actually work. I wouldn’t love making love to turn into war making one day.

    Have a nice day, dear. Je vous embrasse.

    1. Good morning my dearest Bo and thanks for your excellent commentary. What can I add to your comprehensive discussion of pros and cons? Nothing. Maybe I’ll dare to say that the real reason why our relationship works so ,so well is that we have a big distance between us all the time. Not only it avoids unnecessarily exhausting fights about little mundane things but it also makes us long so much for each other’s company. I always jump out of bed with a happy heart, expecting some sweet words from that deliciously suave hand of yours. It’s my addictive early morning caress. Agree, dear?

  2. Great story and sounds a little familiar! I had a few weeks of negativity because of what I was going through but now I am making the decision to go back to my strong and positive self. I think negative behaviors do not do any good for the mind and soul! There is a good in all people, it sometimes takes a little digging but it is there! Take care my dear sweet friend!

      1. Well, if you inssist, then I can’t say no of course. I’m watching “Blade Runner 2049” with my son right now. Un baccione. Buona notte.

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