-“Doctor…Only with him I can be my true self—with my imperfections included.”

Kimberly X. is a divorced, attractive, middle-aged mother of two children who is steadily dating a younger lad who seems to push all her right buttons. While she enjoys his furious stamina in bed and his obsequious attention, there is much more at play than mere physical attraction according to her. She feels totally different in his presence, much more at ease and relaxed. More confident, less defensive, definitely happier.

Before she started that relationship she used to show up in my office with a clean but slightly negligée look that included a way too frumpy long skirt; she spoke in short sentences, mostly avoiding my gaze and even stuttering. Sensing that she needed a change of lifestyle I did encourage her to go out with friends or even on her own. She met her beau in a casual visit to a bar.

After the event, she became a completely different woman with great looks and the relaxed confidence of someone who was in charge of her destiny. Her long years as a serious spouse had seared the need to spin all her stories, becoming predictably polished and protective of the image she provided. Spontaneous showing of emotions was frowned upon in her social circle and she chose not make waves for his staid accountant-husband. When he finally dumped her for his young secretary, she felt an immense sense of relief. She confessed to me that for the first time in her life she was experimenting new poses for making love with her beau and that she was enjoying it to the hilt.

Her exhilarating experience of “feeling free to express herself” reminded me of an event that had occurred to me in Italy years ago and that I never shared with anyone, except with the readers of my novel. Maurizio, one of the three main characters, is visiting the city of Torino with his grandfather and before leaving town he goes out to buy souvenirs, including a very special one to Renata, his clandestine sexy lover. It goes like this:

“They went back to the hotel to fix their belongings for the trip back.While Antonio packed the suitcase, Maurizio went out to buy the souvenirs. He found a rounded kiosk, staffed by an old woman who was sitting inside. He walked around it, gazing at the big display, trying to make up his mind. He breathed deeply and approached the old lady that was ignoring him.

-“Can you get me something that’s on the other side?” Maurizio said.

She stared at him for a second; she grabbed a bunch of keys and stood up. Going around, he pointed at a glossy German magazine titled “Anal Love” showing some young women in trance with an irrepressible carnal pleasure.

-“You’re too young to peruse this—”

-“Oh, no…It’s for my Uncle Pasquale—he’s Neapolitan.”

-“Those ‘terrones’ should better learn to work!” she said, opening the rack. “They only sit on their butts, sipping Fernet and bad-mouthing girls…”

She took the magazine out and handed it to him. He paid her and ran away.

In the next rendez-vous, he gave the present to Renata; she perused it.  After her first orgasm, she turned around. “My ass is yours—take it.”

Like a condor perched atop an Andean peak, she is ready to deploy her wings, soaring across the azure sky, to reach yet another summit.

She raises her arms. “Vaffanculo a tutti politici di Roma ladrona.”

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  1. Let there be anything, there is always a living spark in your write-ups – writing on these topics requires some personal experience, first hand knowledge about the people besides importantly the way in which every sentence is penned down to create interest in the blog. Keep it up sir. I love your writings.

    1. Thanks for the compliment ( I am a little vain you know). It’s always a mixture of reality and imagination but after writing the piece I can hardly discern which is which any longer. And that is the eagerly, laboriously practiced magical trick of a novelist. I am happy and honoured that it has been working with you, my enlightened friend.

      1. Those who make a cocktail of different things and make the thing heady drink for the consumption o the people in general are serve the society in their own way.

      2. If you like my writings so much you should try reading my novel “Madame D.C. Book I -Three voyayes.” The link to its Kindle store page is in this blog.

  2. I just checked your blog and I liked it. Please feel free to use any of my material, even re-blogging an entire article, but you must give me the proper credit. Noblesse oblige.

    1. Good morning dear Relationship. Thank you for the compliment. This blog is just one of the 60 artcles from my longstanding series “Emotional frustration” that is the backbone of the book I am writing now. Never ask a novelist if it’s all true because it’s usually a mix of lived and imagined events. We are liars by nature and trade. Please read more and comment it.

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