-“Doctor…People stare at me all the time in the street—because I’m fat.”

Rhonda X. is a charming young woman that just happens to be overweight. She has all the right attributes to become the enchanting partner of any man, yet she is still stubbornly single, as she cannot meet a match of her liking. She attributes it to her excess weight and the social stigma attached to it. As someone who has lately battled with obesity her plight sounds very familiar.

In modern nations there is a rise of the obesity’s indexes due to many socio-economic factors that influence the diet, usually saturated with sugar and fat. Even though there are laws that prohibit the discrimination against obese people, in fact there is widespread reluctance to employ and house them. Even the airlines have joined the fray by charging extra to customers that cannot fit snugly into their ever-shrinking seat planes—a cynical diversion.

In ultra-conscious about physical appearance-France, a young obese woman called Gabrielle Deydier became a celebrity after she published a book called “On Ne Naît Pas Grosse” where she narrated her daily vicissitudes. In a country where most people pride themselves in their good image, the rising rate of obesity is a taboo subject in the mass media and in the private sphere. Following the trend of all EU nations, the French youth is eating less healthy dishes in favour of the processed preparations and commercial junk food.

A report published by the Inserm, the French equivalent of the National Institute of Health, showed that almost 16% of the population was obese in 2016 compared to 12% in 2008. In the USA, the CDC found that 36% of the population had a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher in a 2014 report. The worrying social trend has prompted the American media to deal with the reality of millions of Americans and to foster reasonable ways to remedy it. There is a good discussion of the dietary value of foods and the need to limit the intake of noxious material and unhealthy additives in our foodstuff. This public discussion is just beginning in France, where they are still in denial.

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  1. It’s true. Obesity is not addressed as much as it should be. Or when it is, it’s to persuade us into thinking that the idea of the body beautiful is an attainable and the only ideal.

    1. Good morning da-Al and thanks for your commentary. I love your online recipes but I have to be moderate with the consumption of those delicacies. Un baccione.

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