-“Doctor…My husband is addicted to gambling—he’s destroying us.”

Maria X. is an educated and charming middle-aged lady with a caring husband and two teenage daughters; unfortunately the successful car dealer likes to visit almost daily all the gambling options available in South Florida to try his luck. He has won big several times but his losses are even greater. Slowly he is eroding the good financial standing of the whole family and only the firm determination of his wife prevented him from mortgaging their colonial style mansion in South Dade to pay off some outstanding debts.

The basis of this addiction is that gambling stimulates the brain’s reward system like drugs and alcohol, being closely related to some personality disorders like highly competitive, restless or easily bored individuals. Sometimes it is only another behavioral manifestation of mental health disorders like depression/anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder or substance abuse. It used to be much more common in men but women are catching up quickly; it appears in middle age but when it does in later stages, it worsens rapidly.

As we have already discussed in our previous articles about alcohol abuse and compulsive shopping, the addicted individual needs to increase the amount he/she/sie invests in order to maintain the same level of satisfaction. Oftentimes it is an escapist attitude to cope with family or work problems that cannot be easily shared with the individual’s intimate circle. When the addicted persons try to control or stop this addiction, they feel restless and irritable with the inevitably nefarious social and professional consequences. In a consumerist society like the USA with plenty of physical and virtual opportunities to wager on almost any kind of sports or gaming tables, this addiction is fast becoming not only a personal but also a public problem.

There are some American civic personalities that are questioning the spread of state-sponsored lotteries with the purported aim of funding education; they claim that they prey on the poor and gullible without helping them.

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    1. Well, you said it girl. You’re all in one. Pour quoi pas? Thanks for catching up so eagerly and keeping me company. I am alone in my apartment preparing the boxes for a moving out next week to another one.

  1. The gambling is a vicious addiction which is induced by our stimulus of ‘reward system’ , the creation of our brain. The inducement to win bigtime spurs us to continue despite losing. The gamblers, sometimes, lose their everything for winning – which may not happen at all. We know how, in Mahabharta epic, the Pandavas lost their everything including their consort named Dropati in their fond hope of winning once which never happened. The result was their being exiled from their kingdom! Saddest of it all is the fact that even the women are being lured. Thanks for sharing this write-up. Harbans

    1. Good morning and thanks for the great commentary my dear friend. Yes, sadly, many women are being lured into this terrible vice as if their just fight for equality with men should include adopting some of their worst behaviour. Arrivederci!

      1. Yes, Dr. SaHIB. whilst men may fall into the trap of gambling but it is sad that the women folks too are entrapped into this den of allurement/temptation. This proves counterproductive since women have are the homemakers and if they too plunge themselves in this sin then they may prove to be home-breakers ultimately. HARBANS

      2. I forgot. They asked to do a critique of the french book I had already mentioned to you, which was the basis of my review in ” The virtues of failure.” Whenever you can, please make a commentary so I can use your divine-granted Light.

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