-“Doctor…I think of him all the time—sadly our love was not meant to be.”

Victoria X. is a successful and enchanting middle-aged lawyer that has a beautiful family of five, a loving husband and four gifted children. However she still longs for that older man that seduced her while she was a college student with his wits and poise; they had a tumultuous love affair but it ended when he refused to leave his wife for her. Hr own Impossible Love.

Considering that I have heard many similar stories during my medical practice, I decided to use that concept in my novel “Madame D.C.” as one of the plot drivers. Maurizio, one of the three main protagonists, is being coached by a uniquely mellifluous counsellor that camouflages as an innocuous bank clerk in Coral Gables. The maliciously manipulative character aims to give him a unique emotional compass in the treacherous path to reach Emily’s heart so he would become inevitably, tragically beholden to “it.”

“Maurizio entered the cavernous lobby of the Coral Gables bank at ten in the morning, barely one hour after it opened, with no customers in sight. Mr. Roth’s secretary had left him a message the day before, telling him that his loan had been approved and that he had to come to sign the paperwork.

Maurizio could not believe that the fastidiously staid bank would take that risk with someone like him devoid of any significant credit track record. In fact he had filled the application forms expecting a negative outcome.

It turned out differently. He had a friend inside with unusual powers.

After he was done signing, Maurizio thanked Mr. Roth’s secretary and went out to the main lobby to cash a check for his weekend expenditures. Everybody seemed to be either taking care of a sudden wave of customers or taking their breaks, for which he stood in line for the next available clerk.

-“Psst… Maurizio, come here,” said a voice carried by a rare scent.

He walked up to the far window where Lucy was waiting. “Are you free?”

Lucy smiled broadly. “I only show up for VIP customers like you—”

-“Thanks. Just want to cash this,” he said passing the check across the ledge. -“Got my loan finally…. Thanks for putting a good word for me.”

-“Don’t know the half of it… Roth first rejected it but a top dog overruled him…He owes me ‘cause I helped him get rid of his rabid mate. Sad story.”Maurizio put the dollar bills in an envelope and was ready to leave.

-“Thanks… It’s time to go back for the lunch—”

-“Wait a minute…How come you don’t have a girl-friend yet?”

-“I don’t know…Funny that you’ve asked because I just met a nice girl.”

-“Well, then don’t let her go away…Grab her…Fast… Give her what every woman secretly desires in her heart and only a few can obtain—”

-“What? A nice car? She has a Jaguar already.”


-“What? A diamond ring? She has a rock already.”


-“Mmm…What can she possibly want? I know—a Falcon jet.”

-“NO…It’s the illusion that has prodded women to go through the travails of procreation for ages…And toil so hard for their children and spouses.”

-“Don’t play that sentimental card with me.”  Maurizio twinkled his nose.

-“Er…I’ll tell you in exchange for a tiny winy favour… Deal?”

-“Sounds fair…Okay. What does that rich uptown girl covet?”

-“An Impossible Love—the more twisted, the better….Colonize her mind, hijack her dreams, confiscate all her hours—put some poetry in her life.”

Maurizio was left speechless by the logic of his Caribbean Celestina.”

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone?

9 thoughts on “The Impossible Love

  1. “Colonize her mind, hijack her dreams, confiscate all her hours—put some poetry in her life.”

    How can I focus to greet you with such tantalizing words floating about in my soul?!

      1. Good morning and thanks for the nice gasping dear Gwen. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it, as it is party auto-biographical. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

  2. The story presented is really quite impressive. Victoria X being a middle-aged lawyer with a compact family. She still longs for an older man who seduced her while she was in the college. She wanted to marry him but he was only for her sex because he did not intend to leave his family for her. It was in fact a one-sided love – culminating from infatuation while she was in college but not fructified into marriage. This is the reason it is termed as the IMPOSSIBLE LOVE.

    The interaction given thereafter is really very relevant and has a deep connect with the plot which serves the intended purpose.

    As far as the writings of renowned writer Meron is concerned, Dr. Sahib, I appraised his admirable writings, especially his knowledge about East and West. Really impressive. This goes to show that those who aspire to follow spirituality in their lives are different stuff altogether. HARBANS

    1. Good morning and thanks for the nicely focused commentary. I am glad that you are familiar with Thomas Merton’s writings that challenged the lack of mysticism in modern Catholic dogma and the need to span the bridge with the Eastern religions. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year!

      1. Good morning Dr. Sahib. I just went through some of the writings of Thomas Merton. His knowledge about Western and Oriental Eastern Civilization speak volumes. I would study more of his writings and enhance my own know-how. A GEM OF A PHILOSOPHER INDEED. HARBANS

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