Dear friends:

After a year of long hours spent studying hard and earnestly writing for this page, it is time to take some vacation time until the beginning of March. We thank all our eager readers and loyal followers for their continued support during these months, which has emboldened us to try harder to please them.  We made new friends across the globe, who have freshly enriched our lives. I’d like to especially thank my daughter Noël Marie and my son Gian Luca whose help has been priceless to carry on this digital task.

All right. All right. We heard you. For the past few weeks we have received many email messages to our page, asking us to continue the successful series called “Emotional frustration”, which is the necessary scaffolding for the homonymous book we are writing now and hopefully finish by July 2018. It seems that many ladies really enjoy seeing in writing some of the heartfelt situations they, or a few of their girlfriends, have gone through as they sip a cup of coffee, alone in the kitchen before the household wakes up. Due to popular demand, we’ll continue it until we formally launch the book.

As we previously announced my son Gian Luca and I will start designing a videoblog series called “Cibovagabondaggio” where we will visit novel, little known restos in the USA and abroad to show you what they have to offer and how they prepare it. Also as a film and film-making enthusiast I will start to regularly blog about movies in my son’s  website.

We hope that you have a Happy Holiday Season and an auspicious start of 2018.

Until next time

Hasta la próxima

A bientôt

Vi rincrociamo

Auf wiedersehn



23 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I went through the book titled MADAME D.C.,BOOK-1, THREE VOYAGES BY MARIO.O. LAPELUME, which I found very interesting and its presentation is beauty in itself besides the following observation.

    (a) The book is really perceptive, coxes the readers to go on and on when one starts reading the book. Once started, a reader would like to finish the book in a few sittings itself. That speaks volume about the author’s power of imagination, insightful know-how along with clarity of thoughts that the author wants to share with the avid reader.

    (b) The diction is rich, enlightening and sophisticating in its contents.

    (c) The reader can gain from the words and phrases used in the novel.

    (d) Even the romantic scenes enunciated reveal honesty of purpose. The interludes between the lover are obviously very written and show the state of mind of the character; a revelation that the author is self aware along with the people around him on which he builds the web of his characters.

    (e) There is not an iota of artificiality while the characters interact with each other.

    (f) Every chapter has its significance and particular importance.

    (g) The novel reveals that the author uses both his brain and heart while penning his pearls of thoughts. These thoughts are generated with perceptive mindset besides depth in know-how of human physiology and psychology.

    (h) There is a touch of honesty of purpose in the mindset of the author and he like his readers to gain from the ocean of expertise in building the reputation of his character.

    I wish him well in his future endeavours.


    1. Good morning dear Harbans. Yes I am very busy because I am moving out to a new apartment. As soon as I settle down I will read and comment your blog. Good night!

  2. Wish you and dear ones HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. May 2018, brings you, even more, vigor to write more and share the same with us all. HARBANS

      1. GOOD MORNING D. SAHIB. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Do appraise my blog on the experiments of year passed and resolution for 2018. HARBANS

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