-“Grazie mille per I complimenti (che ricambio di cuore)!”

Paola C., an Italian blogger that lives and works in ultra-cosmopolitan London, put up an excellent article about the importance of the baritones in completing the acoustic holy trinity together with the tenor and the soprano. I put a simple commentary praising her work and wishing Happy Holidays. Somehow that little message gave her an emotional boost at the right time.

Her original allusion to a change of heart as if we were talking of a tire is somehow very illustrative of a major predisposition and also eventual flaw. In general women are always ready to work tirelessly for the sake of their loved ones and, in times of need, they are the healers that clean our wounds. Beginning with our dear mothers, there is always a woman around to listen to our troubles, suggest remedies and at the very least offer us some comfort. Whoever has a woman at his side will never lack some spiritual support.

But how about them? Did we stop one minute to consider their own needs?

Continuing with Paola’s pointed comparison with tires, those hearts get worn out after burning a certain amount of rubber in the twisty Life roads. Women need to take a break and change their hearts in order to keep going. Husbands, boyfriends, sons, even plain friends, have to be vigilant for those needs and offer them a word of solace, some compliment and even flowers.

On a regular basis we must remind them how much they mean in our lives and how grateful we are for their company with us in those critical junctures. Don’t wait for any special occasion or event, just say: “thank you” and “I love you” whenever you become aware of her irreplaceable presence. Do it.

Our fellow blogger might not have consciously intended to inspire this article with her words but as Jacques Lacan, the French psychologist, said:

“Dans tout acte manqué, il y a un discours réussi.”

Whatever the initial motivation was, the important thing is that we listened.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

13 thoughts on “Il ricambio di cuore

      1. Really? I have a good friend living and working in Lagos for a multinational company. Please call me Mario dear Ives. I will start following you because I just can’t resist a beautiful, bubbly and intelligent woman who also compliments me. Un baccione. Arrivederci!

  1. How about continuing your review of the “Emotional frustration”series. If you becone the first lady to stoically put a commentary in each one of those 60 plus blogs I will award you a special prize. You’ll like it!

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