– “Doctor…Can’t go back home with so much excess energy—I need my escape valve.”

Sheila X. is a successful middle aged married executive in a large company that has succeeded at the top of the hierarchy and has remained there for years. At the end of her long workday she still feels “charged up” and needs an outlet. Three times per week she goes to the gym to stay in good shape, but it is not nearly enough. Once per week she has a clandestine date with a casual lover she finds in Tinder. Her very own escape valve.

The dating site named “Ashley Madison”, which supposedly specializes in discreet match-up of eager men and women for an affair, made an informal canvass of the most common professions of the unfaithful women and men that was posted in their website. They found that among women, the most unfaithful professions were the following:

  1. Business executives – 22%
  2. Information technology – 12%
  3. Technicians – 8%
  4. Education – 7%
  5. Medical personnel – 7%
  6. Marketing – Communications – 7%

Amongst men the most unfaithful professions (24%) were the ones that had very flexible schedules and timetables that allowed to camouflage a clandestine tryst.

Neurophysiological studies have shown that women confronted with stressful events secrete much more Oxytocin—the hormone of sexual desire—than men do, Moreover the presence of stress provokes the secretion of testosterone both in men and women as part of the ancestral biological defense mechanism of humans. The adrenal glands produce a small amount of that hormone in women that can increase if they are chronically exposed to various stressful situations; women are more sensitive to the testosterone’s effects, which include the sexual excitement.

Sexual desire in women is prodded by a complex assortment of visual, auditory and skin stimuli, coupled with a hormonal rush that reach the brain’s Hypothalamus. If the successful women executives are geared up for performing savagely like a professional boxer in the ringside, shouldn’t they also be allowed some time to relax after the fight?

What do you think? Please tell us.

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  1. Just informative commentary on men and women professionals. Thanks sharing.

    Do offer your comments on my latest write-up on DISCUSSIONS…



  2. Morning, my dear boys.

    There, I said, and I’ve started greeting dottore because he is an incurable formalist and when he sips his first morning mate amargo, I’ve come to realize, he needs some respect (and loving) on our part, n’est-ce pas mon chere? And I see someone got scolded for not doing it.

    Now, Wulf and I never greet each other this way, which does not indicate we show a lack for respect for each other. Quite the contrary, we’ve reached a point in our relationship when such formalities are rather unnecessary and we feel comfortable enough with other not to be burdened with such stuff. Besides, we are both ok with it.
    We simply see this whole thing different from you, but as I said once, since it means so much to you especially in the morning dottore, I’ll be doing it (but just for you, dear). As for you Wolf, you won’t be getting good mornings from me any time soon. Is that clear?

    Now, the post. We all need an escape valve, both men and women, and a sexual one is, in my humble opinion, the best one, allowing us to relieve mental stress and tension of any kind in a most harmless way possible.

    Do you agree, boys?
    I wish you both a sunny and relaxing Sunday. Hugs.

    P.S. Dottore, it looks very bad when you like your own posts so please take my friendly advice. Don’t. You do what you’re good at, writing and sharing. Others should judge, comment, like or (be ready for it too) dislike.

    1. My dearest Bojana: good morning and Happy Sunday to you and your beloved family. Give your Mommy a special kiss for me since you still have the marvelous blessing of her company. Well, this is a real surprise…I wasn’t expecting you until July, at the very least. What happened? Did you take pity on moi? If that’s the case, thanks ’cause I need a little pity, some respect and lots of love dear.
      Going back to the blog, I think that we can all agree with you that good loving is a necessary and exhilarating way to relieve stress. But you are avoiding (a little maliciously perhaps) the central question of the situation: is it fair that she’s cheating on her husband? When Japanese men go out with their buddies after work for drinks, and perhaps a little hanky-panky with the bar hostesses, their women feel hurt and take offense at their despicable behavior. But when women start behaving like that, is it somehow “understood” and “tolerated” dear? It’s not a matter of censure, eh? Speak up! Spill the feminist beans!
      In the meantime I’m going back to my foxhole with my “mate amargo” and the TV set set so I can watch the calcio in RAI. Hey, Wolfie, there’s space for you in my shelter if you want to join me. Bojana’s heavy artillery barrage will start in earnest soon and you might become collateral damage. Trust moi.

      1. Why weren’t you expecting you until July? Who mentioned July? I might be busy but still here, dear.

        BTW, I wasn’t avoiding anything. You know very well I don’t do that. Cheating is never fair but the real question here is whether she (or he) was happily married, right boys? You’re again not consistent, dottore. Why should Anna Karenina be any different from other miserable women worldwide?
        Now, if cheating comes as a result of an escape valve, of course I don’t approve of it. I’m not that hypocritical. This applies for both men and women. If you need some hanky-panky because your partner doesn’t give you enough or what you need, that’s a sigh you need a divorce.

        Calico, di nuovo? Mio dio! Oh, you boys. Despite all your flaws, we love you so.

    2. P.S. Thanks for your well meant piece of advice but I will still continue liking my blogs because I love myself very much. Besides, there’s another problem. Some time ago a renowned psycho-graphologist that has a fancy practice in the Aventura section of Dade County studied my handwriting and told me: “Mmm…you have several personalities dwelling inside you. Like Henry Kissinger.Get it?” It’s only natural that one of them likes what another one is writing, no? I’m afraid that there might also be a dangerous demon that enjoys torturing women’s minds lurking in there too… Aren’t you afraid, dear?

      1. My dearest. We have an awful rainy day today here in Miami and there are great football games in Italy, Spain, Uruguay and Argentina. Not a fat chance for your poem now. Tomorrow morning I will read it and comment it accordingly. Is that good?

    1. Good morning dear Wolfie and thanks for your generous one-liner. Now, I will say the same thing I told your dear pal Bojana some time ago. Where are your web manners? First of all it’s “good morning” or whatever you might see fit to write in your time zone; only then you can start talking to someone. Especially someone like moi who just got awakened after a perilous and arduous night “foraging for food”, my dear fellow beast. Arrivederci!

      1. You are welcome and morning back to you.

        A search of the internet reveals no book or set of standards declaring a majority agreed upon list of rules or decorum for web interaction, let alone blog commenting. And since neither of us have any foreknowledge of the other’s prior evening’s activities, that should not bear any weight.

      1. Nothing wrong saying anything about anything to anyone as long as one is prepared to handle whatever follow-up and/or fallout occurs.

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