Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

It is time to take a little vacation so we can recharge our intellectual batteries in earnest. My children and I like to take a pause in the summertime to enjoy quality time together. And one of the greatest pleasures in our culture is to light a barbecue fire for grilling. As the unforgettable Patrick Macnee said to the super-sexy Diana Rigg in “The Avengers” when they were having an informal picnic in the countryside: “Ah, this is one of the little pleasures in life…The ones that you can really enjoy.” Sage words that leave a mark.

We will take this opportunity to continue writing our second book in earnest, based on the highly successful “Emotional frustration” series that you have so enthusiastically backed. Thank you very much for your firm support by reading and commenting it. We are adding new material and upgrading the existing one. You will be our judge.

Please send us a copy of the purchase receipt of “Madame D.C.-Three voyages”  in Amazon to; we will assign you a number for the raffle contest. The first prize is a romantic weekend in a French chateau (with a ghost included)

We have received many messages asking us to continue the EF series; sadly we have to wrap it up so we can focus on writing the corresponding book. But don’t despair, ladies. We are planning a new series on Saturdays “pour frapper vos imaginations.”

We wish that you are having a relaxing and safe summer vacation time in the Northern hemisphere and a winter vacation in the Southern hemisphere with good company. We will return to study and write with the highest quality content we can possibly muster.

See you later!

Hasta la proxima!

A bientot!






7 thoughts on “Happy vacations

  1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

    Whenever we are having quality time with our dear ones, we are not merely enjoying holidays but also teaching our children to share quality time with their own families when they grow up and have their families. What a richness of experience we get through little-little sharings together.

    Yours is a great quest to get new experiences and pen all the rich experiences down and share with all. Mere thoughts will not make difference, what makes difference when we experience and then share those experiences with general masses.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. Nothing better than enjoying the summer with the family. you deserve a break after hard work as a writer. With the photo of the grill, you already tell us that they are having a wonderful time. Greetings.

    1. Good morning and thanks for the nice commentary. Yes, there is nothing better than spending some relaxed time with the family (including the occasional fight and permanent disagreements) And my kids love my cooking. I hope you have a pleasant summer too. Ciao!

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