Happy Sunday to our readers and fellow bloggers

2 thoughts on “Happy Sunday to our readers and fellow bloggers

    1. Good morning, dear da-Al. Yes, this is my son Gian Luca. He was born in New York City when I was studying at Columbia University. To complete my doctoral thesis, all the family moved temporarily for three years to Buenos Aires and settled in a nice gated community in Pilar, Provincia de Buenos Aires. He was only two years old and attended Saint John’s kindergarten ( a British School) where his classmates made him a fan of Boca Juniors. The irony of it. In a privileged enclave of the big city, the children of the elite rooted for the most popular club in the country, based in the working class neighborhood of La Boca. Their supporters are jokingly labelled as “bosteros” in reference to the “bosta’, a vulgar name for animal refuse. Why? If you visit La Boca you will find out immediately when you step on the pavement. The dogs roam free and are not properly trained to heed public civility.
      Un baccione. Arrivederci.

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