Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning . How were your vacations? We hope you had a great and safe time in the company of your loved ones.

As far as we are concerned, we are still enjoying our working vacations in order to complete the manuscript of “Emotional Frustration-the hushed plague“, our second book. It is almost complete and hope to finish the first draft by early March. We are very thankful for all the messages of encouragement and the well-meaning suggestions that you have forwarded to our address at Keep it coming, folks!

As you can see, we are hard at work designing new dishes for your enjoyment in the new “Cibovagabondaggio” series and the You Tube channel about cooking. Yesterday we created this one: Magellan’s pasta. It is a squid ink-whole grain fettucine accompanied by sautee veggies and fruits plus whole shrimp sautee in sweet paprika and topped by guacamole and almonds. Why did we chose that name? Because the Portuguese explorer was the first one to circumvent the southern tip of the American continent where the giant squids thrive. Squid ink has a soothing effect as that creature secretes it to numb their prey before swallowing it, which constitutes a great cure for protracted insomnia.

In our program we will visit some emblematic restaurants in Miami and abroad where we will chat with the staff and watch some of their moves to prepare simple dishes. We believe that our viewers must be entertained but also informed how to cook them in their homes with affordable elements found in almost any market. We will discuss how to avoid the nefarious elements and procedures that are not well tolerated by persons with Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Gastric Reflux and Acidity, etc. We will of course narrate a significant story about the origin and development of the dish.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

9 thoughts on “Still reading, writing and cooking II

  1. Dr. Dr. Sahib.

    It was nice feelings appraising your write and knowing your present state; reading, writing and cooking.

    With warm hugs and regards,


    1. Good morning and thanks for your support, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans, I will duly read and comment your latest write-up about Self-Confidence in the week-end.
      A big hug. Arrivederci!

      1. GOOD MORNING Dr. Sahib.

        Thanks a lot for your comments. Besides I have also penned down one more topic: OUR WEAKNESSES/WEAK-SPOTS. Kindly appraise and officer your kind commentary.


      2. Good morning, caro Il Chiaro. I will certainly review that interesting article too as I certainly have my own weaknesses, big and small, galore. A big hug. Arrivederci.

    1. Hellooo!!! Who is this? Are you impersonating the sweet and polite persona of our dearest da-Al? Because she rightly knows that I would never, ever, answer someone who is shooting a question “from the hip” as if they were one of the sheriffs facing the bad cowboys in the KO Corral. No salutations whatsoever, not a polite commentary. not a blown kiss. Parbleu!

      1. Good morning, dear da-Al. So happy that the rude impersonator is gone and your sweet voice resonates again in my humble page. Bises. Au revoir.

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