Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Oh dear! I am choking with raw emotion. I, who prides himself in knowing something about it. When one of these events hits you in the face, you are always overwhelmed. That means that we are humans after all. Let me take a pause to cry a little bit more.

The day before yesterday my daughter Noel Marie and my son Gian Luca were notified that they had both received the prestigious “Wolfson Cinemaslan Works in Progress Award” that recognizes the six most promising young film-makers of South Florida.The awards ceremony is sponsored by the Wolfson family, the Knight Foundation, Miami Dade College, the New York Film Institute , the Miami Film festival, American Airlines and many more organisations that I cannot remember now. This is tough…I am crying.

We just came back from the ceremony in the Tower Theatre of Miami where last year’s nominees were given a diploma and their films were shown to an eager audience. My two children will have their work screened next year, after some necessary editing. This picture shows us in the company of Matthew Wohl, the event’s director (on my right side) and Will McCurdy, the traffic cop (on my left side, crouching). Thank you very much, from the deepest recesses of my spirit, for this incredible joy you are giving us.

We would like to have a special remembrance for my mother Gladys and my father Mario who are certainly watching from Heaven the triumph of their grandchildren.

We will post an edited video of the ceremony with the corresponding information later. This kind of artistic events make us proud to live in South Florida. Let’s have more of it.



17 thoughts on “Congratulations to our two award-winning film-makers

  1. Wow, this is a wonderful accomplishment, I can only imagine how proud you are! May God continue to bless them both on their future endeavors.

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    1. Good morning dear Del and thanks for you kind words. Yes, we (their mother and I) are extremely proud of their self-earned, labor-intensive fabulous achievements. We tried very hard to raise and educate them properly (with humongous personal and financial efforts, as you might know) and now they are successfully blazing a trail of their very own. Thanks God Almighty. A big kiss. Arrivederci!


    1. Good morning and Happy Sunday. Thanks, Peter. But our ( both his mother’s and mine) elbows are a liitle worn out of carrying these two guys for years. Now, it’s time for them to fly away on their own. We will watch them, wave our hands and say: “Bon voyage!”

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  2. Good morning Dr. Sahib.
    A feeling most nostalgic
    For the parents most fortunate
    Whence their offspring
    Get recognized ultimately
    For their Karmic deeds
    And get awarded
    These occasions are one of things
    The special ones indeed
    Which’re not out of ordinary
    But result of working persistently.
    These moments
    Present an emotional upsurge
    Of highest order
    May God Almighty
    Keep His warm hand of bounties
    On your Karmat prognoses
    For anything on which they put their hands.
    My heartiest felicitations to your children.

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    1. Good morning, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. I am still literally overwhelmed by raw emotion and joy, for which I cannot even read this fantastic paen-poem dedicated to my children. I will do it tomorrow morning.
      A big hug. Arrivederci!

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      1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        Whenever our children do us proud, it is but natural, we feel emotionally surcharged and therefore this poem.

        My felicitation to your children for their job exceedingly well done. I really appreciate their their expression of thanks. God may grace them more and success be theirs in the future endeaavours.




      2. Good morning, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans and thanks for your kind works for my children. With God’s helping hand, they will continue to make us proud. A big hug. Arrivederci!


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