Our transition into REM sleep was halted by a familiar whisper.

-“Hey, don’t go there yet,” Emma Bovary said. “Got to talk, buddy.”

Rubbing our eyes, we could discern her disturbing silhouette sitting at the bed’s edge.

-“Hello…What do you want now?” we replied. “Finished the manuscript already…”

-“Yeah, it’s good, but incomplete… Totally incomplete, my escribidor.”

-“What are you talking about, eh?”

-“You did not discuss what women want. You must write the final chapter.”

-“Oh no! Freud couldn’t do it. He almost went crazy trying to grasp it.”

-“Well, you got an advantage… You’re already totally screwed up, aren’t you?”

What do you want me to say? Since her successful debut in the “Revue de Paris” on October 1, 1856, this mischievously meek wife of a rural medical practitioner has shown a rather unusual dexterity at deftly manipulating impressionable men like us to fulfill her basest desires…

Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. We would like to tell you that “Emotional Frustration-the hushed plague” is not ready yet as we will write an epilogue titled “What women really want.” We will embark in this most dangerous of journeys through the paradoxically barren desert of the social media, riding on the back of our black and red mouse, under the blistering heat of the ever mutating women’s plight , to reach an oasis.

In order to get some needed ammunition, we prepared a minced lamb Couscous with plenty of veggies, including the bombastic chick peas, with some triggering Merguez (lamb franks) We stashed it carefully in our backpack with some tea leaves and plenty of water. We prayed to God Almighty for mercy and we sat down. Avanti bersaglieri!

Toady we celebrate the third anniversary of our web page. Happy Birthday!

Happy International Worker’s Day to all our readers and fellow bloggers!

15 thoughts on “Emma came to visit us in a dream

    1. Merci beaucoup, mon petit chou. Excuse-moi si je te pousse un peu parfois mais je veux le meilleur pour toi. Et aussi j’aimerais t’inviter a me rendre visite ici a Miami (mais je n’ai pas besoin de tremper rien car je suis un moine ascetique de la profession medicale) Bises.

    1. C’est un petit peu mieux mais tu n’arrives pas encore. Ce n’est pas un poeme, au nom de Dieu, mais le recit d’un reve que j’ai eu. Re-fait le s’il te plait. Rappelle-toi des paroles de Ernest Hemingway a propos de comment devenir un bon ecrivain:
      ” Read. Read. Read”

    1. Ma chere amie, tu n’as pas lu mon blog et je ne peux pas l’approuver. Aussi tu m’as promis de l’ecrire en francais, pas en Anglais. Desole!

    1. Thank you my dear friend. Today we finished the manuscript and we will start writing the Epilogue on Monday. A big hug. Arrivederci!

  1. Thanks a lot Dr. Sahib for sharing your inner thoughts during the process of writing your next books – a dream come true indeed when this book actually sees the light of the day.
    Your reverie shows that while you write, you use your inner and outer thought to achieve your purpose at hand – to write something unique so that written book becomes history for the readers – thoughts which even Freud could not comprehend in its entreaty.

    The book when ready for the print would be worth reading and people would like to read it once more. Lets see what future will tell us!

    Sure enough, your dream will come true and this book of yours will break records.

    With warm hugs and regards


    1. Good morning, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans and thank you very much for this most mellifluous of commentaries. Please be careful because I love flattery, as you already know. A big hug. Arrivederci!

      1. Dr. Sahib, the people who are practical never flatter, they state the fact and stick to that point of view.

        Your writing and commentaries on variety of subjects shows the immense knowledge you possess on the variety of subjects.

        Thanks and regards

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