Our film-maker son Giani visiting the Holy Land

3 thoughts on “Our film-maker son Giani visiting the Holy Land

  1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

    Whenever our children make us proud, our heart gives out positive vibes and these help our children not only to get confidence boost but also the blessings from the Almighty God. That is amply revealed in the photograph displayed; and displaying the photograph at the place where Lord Jesus Christ preached gives it a natural place. This also is an indication that he will get his bountiful graces in whatever he puts his hands on – turning even a tinniest of opportunities into sure-shot victories. This happens when we transact our day to day routine jobs with His active partnership.

    My prayers for your children upward mobility in their career graph.


    1. Good morning and thank you very much for this fabulous commentary, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. I will convey all your well-wishing to my son. A big hug. Arrivederci!

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