Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Recently we picked up four printed copies of the manuscript in the Kinkos-Fedex office of Coral Gables for the final editing process, which we always liked to do on paper and not in the laptop.There are quaint habitudes we like to keep.

We immediately shipped a copy to the home address of our dear spiritual friend across the oceans, Harbans Khajuria, so he can start reading it and suggest corrections, besides preparing his Introduction to the final published version.We would like to especially thank the precious help we got in that office by Hector and Greg who graciously completed the complex request.

In this long, harrowing process we had some special help to pull us through. During our solitary days and nights toiling at our desk, many dangerous demons of all forms have approached to entice us, by force or temptation, to stop writing and waste time. The essence of manly fall into disgrace is distraction.

However, every time they knocked us down , we implored for providential help. Our right hand was held steadily by God Almighty and our left one affectionately by Harbans, while our two children lifted us back up in the ringside.Then we put on our son Giani’s gloves and we remembered the Brahminic teachings of Harbans. Imbued with new enthusiasm and purpose, we started to ferociously punch demons all over. Avanti bersaglieri che la vittoria e nostra!

The journey has been tough but we have made it to the finish line.
Now Harbans, my children and myself must go through with another round of editing.

A poster we saw many years ago in a message board of the Argentine School of New York (when our daughter was attending it on Saturdays mornings) depicted a young woman laboriously climbing to the top of a mountain with the following caption:

“There are no shortcuts for life’s greatest achievements.”

Thank you very much
Merci beaucoup
Muchas gracias
Grazie mille

18 thoughts on “C’ est parti

  1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

    It has been confirmed by my daughter that the package has been received by my daughter today at 10:00 AM at our Delhi address.

    With warm regards


  2. Thanks. Whenever you can please read and comment my presentation of my son’s new section titled “Behold my gifted son Gian Luca.”

  3. Good afternoon Dr. Sahib.

    My word of thanks for your kind words. I shall make endeavor to go through the book which you have penned down withstanding all sorts of negative forces. It is a fact that great things are achieved not due to the hours we devote for fructification but because of producing something different than the others have in similar situation and condition. You epic book would be a great success simply because it has the blessings of so many and above all the graces of Almighty God – whose bounties are for those who withstand all the roadblocks and come out successful.

    I should be very sincere in articulation and I am a simple person with very less achievements as others may have during their lifetimes.

    Sure enough, your book would be a success story.

    With warm hugs and regards


    1. Good morning and thank you very much for your kind and stimulating words, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. Simplicity is one of the most precious gifts our God Almighty can bestow upon us as when we detach ourselves from the vain pursuit of goods and accolades, we start to see the Truth. A big hug. Arrivederci!

      1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        I am always impressed by the usage of words and phrases by you. Simply put, you have been bestowed with gift of right words at right place. All do not have such gifts. Only a one who has experienced with all sorts of situations and conditions can explicitly express themselves so candidly. GIFT OF THE GAB REALLY.



      2. Oh, dear, I love your commentary! Please stop pandering to the terribly narcissistic Vanity demon lurking deep inside my spirit. Ciao!

      3. One thing which separate me from others is to say ‘spade a spade’ it may be good of not so good. I really do not stop telling thee truth.


      4. Thanks my dear friend. Please be attentive for the package’s scheduled arrival tomorrow at your home. If there’s any problem, let me know.

      5. I was not expecting that you would b sending the package so soon since still I am in UK since my son extended my stay till 7th July 2019. Sorry for this. On arrival in India, I shall quickly delve.


      6. After a little jerking around the insufferable customer service of FedEX in this Banana Republic of South Florida, I finally managed to find an efficient supervisor that quickly arranged for the package to be kept in their office in New Delhi until you go pick it up on July 8.

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