Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Initially we posted pictures of the dishes we liked to cook just as a friendly salute that shared a moment of our lives with you. Ever since we were medical students, we have been learning how to cook and experimenting with new recipes, first and foremost to eat healthily with natural ingredients and at the same time avoid the excessive resto fees. Our children love our cooking, especially because we use good ingredients and avoid the excessive use of oil, milk products and condiments in all our simple preparations. Together we experiment with new ingredients and seasoning with healing value.

We have been raised in a family where the table plays a central social role as it is one of the few moments during the day where the generations meet to chat and share a meal. We love to share the cooking process, the table lay-out and the dessert time to renew our family bonding and exchange ideas at will ( with a few little squabbles along the way) It is a binding cultural experience that has been transmitted from our ancestors to us and we hope to eventually offer it to our descendants. We are what we eat.

For us the family table is the modern day inheritor of the greatest virtues of the Cenobio, the gathering space of Benedictine monks living in a community in the 12th century. For a brief moment, we leave all our worries and concerns at the door to actively engage in an affectionate, and sometimes brisk, exchange with our loved ones. We also try not to answer to our phone calls and avoid the gawking of screens that plague other tables.

Many readers have urged us to gather these pictures in a single page and we will do it. Moreover it will constitute an antebellum for the introduction of our page titled “Cibovagabondaggio” where we will visit and review exciting restos for our readers.

What do you think ? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

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