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Good morning. This article and poem from Harbans Khajuria, my sage Brahminic instructor and dear spiritual friend, are simply excellent. Let us remember and honor, in so many different and yet unifying rituals across the main religions, our dear Departed relatives and friends that have made our stay in this Valley of Tears possible with their sacrifice, care and affection.

As a disciple of Thomas Merton, I believe that our Christian faith has strayed too far away from the original mysticism of our Early Days hiding in caves to become bogged down in the shifting sands of the Cartesian Rationality where we struggle to find a firm surface to step on and move. We must attentively listen to our brothers and sisters from the East, who still have a healthy attachment to the workings of Mother Nature, in order to recoup some of their rejuvenating energy.

May God Almighty have pity on our dear Departed souls and welcome them to his/her/ihr Grace.

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  2. Thanks a lot for re-blogging the blog. I think all of us are due to our parents; they look after us while we are in our childhood stage and thereafter we are guided by them. While they are not with us, it is necessary that we also remember them formally. All the human beings recognise this aspect, remember their contribution for bringing us up, educating us and teaching us how best to imbibe value system


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