Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning. Early this morning, we were about to sit down at our desk to start writing when we caught this blessed view of the sun rays suavely sprinkling on our son’s head. He was checking his messages before leaving for work and we caught this view on the go. He is wearing a green jersey with the Harrods’ logo, a testimony to his (our) perennial admiration for the language of Shakespeare and the fabulous UK civic institutions.

Slowly yet steadily the necessary inspiration to resume our bi-weekly blogging is just starting to come back, coupled with that disquieting itching to tell another story. One more story. Then two. Then three…And eventually we’ll have another book in the works. We will start a new scaffolding-blog titled Supernatural, Superstition and She that will address the issues that have worried women for ages but remain tightly camouflaged.

We have started to upload the pictures of our cooking as a necessary warm-up for the special videos that we are carefully, methodically preparing. Yes, it’s finally coming.  We will resume the Wellness, Alternative Medicine and Health Care Justice series, of course. And maybe the unpredictable muses that visit us every dawn might invent another one. Apart from a good night’s sleep and a happy family moment, the only other way to fend off the swirling demons hovering above our head is when we sit down to write at ease.

Recently someone perfidiously asked us how come we were interested in so many issues, subliminally insinuating what we have never been for a second in our life: a dilettante. Haughtily staring at him (of course it was a man-women don’t ask silly questions), we repeated what Gregorio de Marañon, the Spanish physician and philosopher, had said:

“El que solo de Medicina sabe, ni de Medicina sabe” (whomever only knows about Medicine, not even Medicine he/she knows)

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’ t leave me alone.


7 thoughts on “Our inspirational Light returned

  1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.
    Just a joyful thinking that you have started blogging again and we shall be able to get a feel of what you disseminate to us. All the words and phrases you use in your write-up are extra-ordinarily enlightening and that is why put together, these could be fruitful for a next book for us to put ourselves and enhance our know-how. Great. We are ever ready for your new topical write-ups and new gyan. Your son Gian may be ready for more creative work. Lets see more progress in a varieties of ways.

    With warm hugs and regards

    1. Good morning and thank you very much for your gracious commentary, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. We will strive to try to merit that outstanding commentary of yours. And of course we count on you, dear mentor, to keep learning about Hinduism and the unique richness of its oral and written traditions.
      A big hug. Arrivederci.

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