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Good morning. In order to celebrate our upcoming birth day on November 5th, which you already know coincides with the Celtic celebration of Samhein, we would like to offer a special gift to our loyal readers. We set up a promotion sale of the Kindle edition of our novel Madame D.C. -Three voyages starting on October 29 ( the day of the gnocchi) at the price of U$ 1.99, which will progressively increase over a week. The sale will end on November 5th and the price will return to its original list price of U$ 9.99.

Do not miss this special sale as it might not be repeated anytime soon. If you enjoy our writings, you will find ample opportunities to indulge in them with our first book. And of course we would appreciate any and all comments you might care to post in Amazon.  If you wish to send us private messages, please use this address:

Remember that we are always open to all your pointed critiques and commentaries as they improve our production. The greatest factor that has enabled us to prepare our second book, Emotional Frustration-the hushed plague, in a efficient manner has been your continued company to surmount obstacles and reach the prized fields of Elysium.

When they asked  Napoléon Bonaparte what his warfare strategy was, he responded :

“Je gagne mes batailles avec les rêves de mes soldats”

( I win my battles with the dreams of my soldiers)

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

3 thoughts on “An appropriately Celtic sale of our novel

  1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.
    The chronology of events leading to writing of your books and subsequent clear vision exhibited by you is really legion to say the least.

    The books would be sold, based on the richness of materials it contains for the readers and the readers now-a-days are very wise they know where their bread is buttered. I have gone through the manuscript which you had sent me. It is richness of contents based on the life-like situations which makes the books written by you very interesting, lesson-giving and the words and phrases giving the medical terminology enunciated gives the readers the breather from the off-beat writings with no richness of contents. Your books have many distinctions.

    I have penned down the write-up on VIJAYDASHMI – DUSSEHRA (Today). The life of Lord Rama – a Maryada Purushotam who did much for his subjects. I have also written about how the evil-doers will meet their end and the lessons we get from the pious day.
    Do appraise and give your commentary.

    With warm hugs and regards


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