To keep living like this, better not to ever die

5 thoughts on “To keep living like this, better not to ever die

  1. Affirmative Dr. Sahib.
    NEVER SAY DIE attitude is always appropriate to live joyously and with a purpose in life. In life, we face ups and downs like the current/waves of the ocean but those waves never stop after getting beating at the beaches.

    With warm hugs and regards

    1. Good morning and thanks for your nice comment, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. The tag of that picture was meant to be just a joke but I gather you might be right. What I really would like you to do is read and comment the article titled “Born into the convulsive celebration of Samhein” that I posted on Saturday: it is a very personal piece and it also might serve as the kicking point for a future book titled “Supernatural, Superstition and She” that I am designing. Hopefully you will write an introduction to that one too in the near future. Thanks.
      A big hug. Arrivederci.

      1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.
        I shall certainly be a part of the book the base of which you have already laid. Those who desire, plan, aspire to attain something certainly succeed. The man with a mission and vision always succeed in the long run.

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