5 thoughts on “To keep living like this, better not to ever die

  1. Affirmative Dr. Sahib.
    NEVER SAY DIE attitude is always appropriate to live joyously and with a purpose in life. In life, we face ups and downs like the current/waves of the ocean but those waves never stop after getting beating at the beaches.

    With warm hugs and regards

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    1. Good morning and thanks for your nice comment, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. The tag of that picture was meant to be just a joke but I gather you might be right. What I really would like you to do is read and comment the article titled “Born into the convulsive celebration of Samhein” that I posted on Saturday: it is a very personal piece and it also might serve as the kicking point for a future book titled “Supernatural, Superstition and She” that I am designing. Hopefully you will write an introduction to that one too in the near future. Thanks.
      A big hug. Arrivederci.

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      1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.
        I shall certainly be a part of the book the base of which you have already laid. Those who desire, plan, aspire to attain something certainly succeed. The man with a mission and vision always succeed in the long run.

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