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Good morning and Happy Sunday to you all. Today many civic organisations, Public Health institutions. Health Care advocacy groups, Non-Profit organisations and the common citizenry all over the planet are “celebrating” the World Aids Day. We started our clinical training when this terrible disease had not been properly identified but it was already decimating entire communities, especially Gays, Minorities and the Poor. It was a time when also someone we knew personally had the misfortune of getting this diagnosis, which was equivalent to a death sentence at the time. We still shudder remembering all the wasted youth that we saw wither away in the clinical wards, in spite of all our professional efforts to save them. It was extremely frustrating for all health care practitioners.

Fortunately we have now many excellent pharmaceutical treatments and preventive schedules for this infection, which has saved countless people and afforded them a good quality of life even though they carry a chronic disease. The sustained promotion of safety measures for safe sex has dramatically curtailed its incidence in the population. However, it is still an ongoing epidemic, which has not been completely eradicated yet. In modern societies, four large segments of the population are bearing its brunt now:

a- Young people between 16 and 20 years of age

b- Women older than 65 years old

c – Intravenous drug abusers in the developed societies

d – The vulnerable population tier of under-developed societies

The first group of people were born long after the 80s and 90s when the disease ravaged our societies and the basic Public Health measures to prevent its spread were enacted; the lack of a dramatic narrative has desensitized them to the need to protect themselves. The second group has been largely victimized by men who have not used the proper protection in the sexual interactions with partners . The third group is still exposed to the dangerous sharing of needles and the concomitant infections of syphilis and gonorrhea. The last group suffer the consequences of economic inequality and unfair access to health care services in poor societies, including the good availability of retro-viral agents.

We must continue our medical, sanitary and institutional efforts to combat this life-threatening disease and we should participate in all the civic-minded initiatives. In our next blogging season starting in March 2020, we will write a series of articles about it, thus providing our little grain of sand to the humongous dune of necessary containment. Thank you very much for suggesting the critical topics that we should be discussing, which shakes us from the inevitable torpor that may grip us after these half-won battles. AIDS is still a major Public Health threat for all societies, rich and poor, of planet Earth. Any major natural or made-made catastrophe can re-awaken that dormant monster that could potentially overwhelm all the firewalls erected to contain it over so many years.

Nobody is free from any of its tragic effects. Nobody.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

5 thoughts on ““Celebrating” the World Aids Day

  1. Lamentablemente, por estos lares, la información no llega con precisión. Hay muchas lagunas para tratar de advertir sus consecuencias. Lo más afectados son los jóvenes que de ninguna manera aceptan ponerse un cordón por que o están desprevenidos o por ignorancia no lo usan. Las autoridades de salud tampoco ayudan o disponen pocos recursos para ello. En fin, solo queda que este día sirva para la reflexión. Saludos.

    1. Buenos dias y muchas gracias por este buen comentario. La persistente desinformacion, muchas veces malintencionada, lamentablemente no solo esta sucediendo en Chile. Aqui en USA las autoridades sanitarias estan “camuflando” el hecho que las personas muy jovenes y mujeres de mas de 60 pirulos se han constituido en dos nuevos grupos de alto riesgo. La hipocresia y la desidia politica estan en todas partes.
      Un abrazo. Ciao!

  2. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

    I thank you for your timely, incisive and informative topic on world aid day.

    I am of the opinion that most of people do not know much as to what unsafe sex interaction could do. In other words, ignorance about with whom we should have relationship is the main cause of this infection.

    Institutionalized marriage wherein a single partner could be the only safe bet whereas those who have multiple sex partners is sure shot reason for having AID in many cases.

    Your assertion that the first one is the between the age group 16 – 20 years when youth performs ‘action’ but does not think about the consequences of their ill-conceived Karmic deeds.

    I opine, dissemination of information about the disease for awareness purposes in media is the need of the hour.

    Although medicines are there to provide modicum of cure but AID is not totally curable when it is fully blown. It in fact infects his/her partners. Not to speak of this, their offspring too would be born with infection!

    I am really thankful to you for bringing to the public purview one of the most important topic.

    I also request you to bring to light the diseases of this type so that awareness is enhanced.



    1. Good morning and thank you very much for your nice commentary, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. We readily agree that the youth should heed the Public Health precautions when engaging in regular sexual activities, especially with multiple partners. Although we fully agree that a monogamous relationship is the safest bet to avoid infection altogether, young people can still avoid it if they take the time and effort to be selective and careful in all their amorous relationships. Does the new government of Premier Modi design Public Health education drives in the under-served rural areas of your great country, including the provision of safe sex articles free of charge for the poor?
      A big hug. Arrivederci!

      1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        Thanks for your nice comments.

        In India, 70% of people live in villages wherein the people are conservative and have a single partner as a wife and none others. For example, I had no relationship except my wife and I am proud of this aspect and with the grace of God i do not have any ailment in relation of sexual transmitted diseases.

        GoI though has made concerted efforts in this direction but the fast city life is catching up fast and the youth is now attracted to the pump and show and attraction towards fair sex and they are suffering the consequences too!



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