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Good morning and Happy Sunday. Today Mankind at large is experiencing one of the worst tragedies in our modern history, comparable only to some of the Middle Ages. The pandemia of Covid-19 infection that is gripping most nations of the planet has produced millions of infected people and thousands of deaths in just the lapse of a few weeks.

The image you can see in this blog was taken by my dear friend Wilson when he picked me up a few days ago after an exhausting tour of duty in a Miami care facility. You can only see my eyes but I am sure most of you can discern the extreme sense of urgency that I, as well as thousands and thousands of other indefatigable health care providers, carry around to stimulate us in our daily grind. This is a time when those that are committed for patient care should step up their efforts, setting aside all other personal and professional concerns. We should all pitch in for this extreme world crisis.

For all those of you that are cloistered in their homes for precaution or even under the harsh parameters of a quarantine, we warmly extend our most sincere solidarity. Moreover, please rest assured that we will eventually overcome this dire situation. With the continued effort of all the devoted health care professionals, the pharmaceutical and technological assets at our disposition and the sustained cooperation of the population at large to observe the social distancing, we will stem the tide of this threatening disease.

May God Almighty continue to protect our families and ourselves in these dark times.

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

13 thoughts on “We should all pitch in for this extreme world crisis

  1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

    At a time when the world is in dire straits due to Covid-19 virus, it is time we do something tangible so that some solace is bestowed to the hapless citizenry who are under the spell of this vicious Coronavirus which is taking toll of human lives and counting.

    At this hour of grief, we have to get our act together and pool in our resources; medical, financial, and also goodwill to ameliorate so that the humanity gets modicum of solace. My sincerest prayers to God so that He renders His helping hand at this hour of crisis for the mankind.

    I have also penned down a write-up captioned: CARE AND CAUTION TO AVOID THE SPREAD EFFECTS OF CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19. Kindly appraise. Being an expert in the field, you can chip and do your best for the sake of humanity.

    With warm regards,


    1. Good morning and thank you for your great commentary, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. I completely agree with you that in these most trying times, the only route of salvation for Mankind is to pull together to overcome this disgrace. Moreover, once this pandemia hopefully subsides, we have to discuss how in our times the Chinese government incredibly still allows these awfully primitive “live rare animals’ markets” in the middle of highly urbanized areas with quick affordable air links to the rest of the planet. In the Middle Ages, a similar event might have been contained in a limited geographic area; but it can never happen now. Does India have similarly dangerous markets? I really doubt it.
      A big hug. Arrivederci.

      1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        Your concern is most relevant. Our Indian Government is doing the max. it can to contain the adverse effects of this vicious virus.

        You are perfectly on the dot, in the olden times, this could have been localized but now with the fast communication and other spread-effects through personal contacts with each other, this strange virus is taking toll. Think of the people who have lost their dear ones DUE TO THE FAULTS OF A FEW who take in anything on which they can lay their hands on.
        We in India, people do take meat but not everything. It may be chicken, mutton, etc but not bats, dogs etc.

        With warm regards


      2. Good morning and thank you very much for your pointed commentary, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. Please try to protect yourself and your family by limiting the exposure to other people and maintain the rules of the so-called “social distancing.” As unpleasant as it seems, it may be our only hope (still waiting for a drug treatment or a vaccine) to limit the spread of the virus. Stay safely at home and without too many visitors.
        A big hug. Arrrivederci.

      3. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        Thank you so very much for sparing your most valuable time.

        I and my wife used to go to the temple but now we have stopped from today onward and pray at home only.

        Lets see for how many days we have to remain cautious but one thing is sure every calamity like this has lesson for us humans. If we are not able to be careful in respect Nature, then, it will certainly take cudgels, the way it want NATURALLY.

        With big hugs and regards


      4. Good morning and thanks for the follow-up, my dear friend. God Almighty is everywhere so we can safely pray at home. A big hug. Arrivederci.

      5. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        It is for your kind information that due to God’s grace and also with the value based know-how provided by you like personages my book captioned INNER THOUGHTS is published today.

        I have penned down some of the details in my current blog.


      6. Congratulations my dear friend. This is certainly some very exciting news. Not only I will check your blog but I will certainly buy your book and comment it appropriately. We wish you the very best in this project.

      7. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        It is all due to friends like you with whom I interact and get inspiration that it happens so. Otherwise I am of no value at all, simply a simple soul nothing else. No knowledge about most of things. Just a blank student who aspires for something to add on from here, there and everywhere.


      8. Good morning and thanks for your commentary, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. Please let us always remember that we are humble students in this tough journey of Life, like all those itinerant Brahmin mystics who, wearing rags and barefooted, went proselytizing and praying from village to village, relying on the generosity of miserly peasants for some of their basic necessities.
        A big hug. Arrivederci.

      9. Good morning Dr. Sahib.
        My word of thanks to your commentary. Personage of your status and knowledge are the cream of any society. Just inspirational.
        With warm hugs and regards

  2. Qui in Italia si sta facendo molto per combattere il virus e mi spiace molto sentire che in Europa e anche negli USA per non parlare di altri Stati (Turchia ecc.) non ci sia la stessa volontà.
    Bene fai tu a gridare all’allarme, i vari Trump e Boris Johnson dovrebbero vergognarsi per la leggerezza mostrata.
    Sono orgoglioso di essere italiano perchè vedo i miei concittadini fare le file ordinati, composti e disciplinati a smentire tutti i pregiudizi degli stranieri nei confronti nostri. Inoltre abbiamo un impianto sanitario che gli USA di Trump se lo sognano.
    Gli ospedali italiani e i medici e gli infermieri qui in Italia stanno danno prova di eroismo.

    1. Buon giorno ed buona domenica Guido. Ho fatto mia tesi di laurea sulla Riforma del Sistema Sanitario della Regione Veneto ed Io so la grandissima qualita professionale ed il coraggio civico di tutti i numerosi membri dal personale ospedaliero ed di case di cura. Avanti bersaglieri che la vittoria e nostra. Coraggio. Ciao!

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