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Good morning. In these tragic times for Mankind, comparable to the decimating epidemics of the Middle Ages where the majority of the world population was affected and thousands perished, we would like to send a word of encouragement to all those who are cloistered at home. It is very tough but we must carry on with our civic duty.

Even though we are blissfully healthy, both my son Gian Luca and I have decided to stay at home, except to fulfill my duties as an active medical practitioner and some necessary errands for supplies. In this picture you can see my son spontaneously embracing me for a selfie.

In the USA, large states like New York and California have sagely instituted strict orders for “social distancing” to avoid close contacts for the next few days by staying at home. In spite of having one of the largest concentration of elderly Americans, the state of Florida has not yet clearly commanded residents to avoid social contacts to flatten the curve. However, the county mayors and local elected officials have wisely agreed lately to gently expel all the careless spring-breakers that invaded our beaches “to party wildly.”

Please stay at home if you do not have any urgent or professional reason to go out. Until there are good medications for this disease and a much-needed vaccine, which is still months away, we must cooperate by doing nothing outside. That will help all of society. In order to meaningfully use the extra time allotted, we will continue to write in earnest. Maybe this is a great opportunity for Mankind to learn how to pitch together in a crisis. And to bond more tightly with our family members and loved ones, with plenty of chat.


What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

6 thoughts on “We are still resisting

  1. Penso tante cose e che gente come Trump è la vergogna degli Americani che hanno avuto il coraggio di eleggerlo.
    Certo, non è il solo. Ce ne sono altri sul Pianeta.
    Per fortuna c’è anche chi è più umano e… INTELLIGENTE.

    1. Caro amico, grazie per tuo commento ma mi sembra che lei sta politizzando troppo questa tragedia. Il agente virale e arrivato da Wuhan non da Washington D.C. Forse, chi abbiamo un comittato di esperti che sta faccendo le cose bene, plus gli sindaci ed governatori di molti stati. Non credo che si puo soltanto attiribuire la tragedia d’Italia oggi , con tantissimi morti ed mancanza dei risorse per molti malati in Brescia ed Modena, a l’inefizienzia de la clase politica. Ed la gente? Per che gli snob Milanese continuavanno a visitare il bar per prendere il santo aperitivo a tavola ed non si fermavanno a casa? Ma! Per carita! Arrivederci.

      1. Good morning Dr. Sahib,

        At this time when the medical profession is highly taxed and they are working round the clock for alleviating the situation created by COVID-19

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