unnamedDear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good afternoon. How are you all doing with this “social distancing” that we must bear? We hope that it is a good opportunity for the many tasks that you had relegated for long. And one of them should be to try your hand at the kitchen, to relieve you dear women.

Today we prepared the dish of poor Italian peasants: pasta ed fagioli (pasta and beans) There is a widespread misconception that establishes that all the Italian pasta dishes should have a tomato sauce of different regional variations on top of it. Very wrong. Our poor ancestors toiling hard as braccianti and mezzadri in the fields of Piemonte, Veneto and Campania, did not have the luxury of fresh tomatoes; therefore they used beans as a substitute, which had the advantage of providing proteins and minerals for their diet.

Buon apetitto!

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