PAPA_LIBRO_HushedPlague_Cover_V3Dear readers and fellow bloggers:

Good morning to you all. For the past few days we have been pondering whether to go ahead with the publication of our new book “Emotional Frustration – the hushed plague” or not, considering the dire social circumstances and the stoppage of publishing venues.

After much discussion with our family and our publishing house, we finally decided to go ahead, in spite of the difficult logistic and community challenges that move implies. We believe that people forcibly cloistered at home due to the social distancing (like we presently are too) must have a varied choice of reading material in their residences.

This is a transcription of If Only One, our essay’s first page that we recently completed.

“If only one person reads this book…we would feel very satisfied.

If only one person gets the message…our mission would be done.

If only one man treats women better…the effort was not for naught.

If only one woman gets respect…our misdeeds might be redeemed.

If only one person is distracted from the Horror…we would be happy.

We were about to deliver the final edited version of this book manuscript for its publication when the Coronavirus pandemic brutally arrived in the United States.

Initially shocked like the rest of the population, we went into strict social isolation. However, as a practicing physician, we had to continue our duties as best we could.

In the relative safety of our desk, we pondered whether we should publish it or not. We know that there has been a complete shutdown of most publishing initiatives.

But people cloistered in their homes deserve the possibility of substantive reading. Terrified by the darkness swirling around, they might like this little piece of light.

Emulating the heroic example of, we should garner our moral strength. Dismissing any commercial considerations, we will go ahead with its publication.

In one of the poor quarters of Napule—where many of our relatives had lived in the past—a neighbor lowered, with a little rope, a big basket with a sign from the balcony: inside passers-by could leave any food item they wanted to donate for others to pick it up.

Chi può, metta…Chi non può, prenda

Whomever can, put…Whomever cannot, take

We are lowering our most humble basket to offer you our latest writings

We sincerely hope that it might distract you, temporarily at the very least.

And, prodding you to ponder about the daily plight of our devoted women,

engage you in the civic fight for their equality of rights in our societies.

 The world coming out of this terrible calamity must be better than this one”

What do you think? Please tell us.

Don’t leave me alone.

5 thoughts on “If only one

  1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

    Despite social distancing and home isolation, life just goes on, the Mother Nature does not stop, our metabolism does not stop, our love and affection for our love ones does not stop then why to stop or postpone publication of your book. An author writes simply not for any return but return in the form of recognisation by our readers that they want us to continue writing – appropriate time or no appropriate time hardly matters. Challenges are thrown to be surmounted.

    Similar is the case with me too.



    1. Good morning and thank you very much , my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. You are absolutely right. Keep the isolation. Keep writing.Keep resisting. Our pen is the weapon that God Almighty gave us to help and support our fellow human beings. Tomorrow I will take the time to visit your page calmly (as far as we can in these terrible social circumstances) and read/comment your latest articles. My regards to your always lovely, devoted wife.

      1. Good morning Dr. Sahib.

        Nice getting your response to my comments. When I do not get anything from you, then, I feel as though something is missing.
        Your commentary is a source of inspiration for me always.


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