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Today is Easter Sunday, one of the holiest days for us Christians, and we would like to wish a happy celebration to you and your families. We should be happy that the miracle of resurrection brought back Jesus Christ from the sacrifice he made for us at the cross. This picture of our family was taken last year in Saint Patrick’s church in Miami Beach.

Tragically this year’s Holy Week coincides with the worst ravages of a pandemic that has attacked all the nations of our planet. We might be asking ourselves the following:

Why has God abandoned us like this?

God Almighty has never let go of our hands, as she/she/sie is firmly leading us out of it.

We must continue to heed the advice of the sanitary authorities and avoid assemblies. Considering that God is everywhere, we can pray in the safety of our homes this time.


Happy Easter!

Felices Pascuas!

Joyeux Pâques!

Buona Pasqua!

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter to our Christian relatives and friends

  1. Good Morning Dr. Sahib.

    HAPPY EASTER. May this Easter brings us hopes and fructification of our effort and JESUS CHRIST may come to our succour at this disproportionate trying times.

    Today also is VASAIKHI – the festival which is partly seasonal and partly due to harvesting done by the farmers and getting reward of their hard work.

    On this day on 1669, KALSA PANTH (Force of Pious) was formed for assisting the hapless people against the oppression of the ruling class.

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    1. Good morning and thank you very much for this uplifting commentary, my dear spiritual friend across the oceans. I will certainly read and comment it asap. Speaking of farmers, perhaps many of the crazied-by-consumerism-urban dwellers should have a long, hard look at the more simple yet more fulfilling lifestyle of their brothers and sisters in the countryside. We do believe that Mankind will emerge chastised by this terrible pandemic and adopt much more natural and healthier routines. A big hug. Arrivederci.

      1. Good Morning Dr. Sahib.

        Affirmative, everything will be normal and better than before with the grace of our Lord. And why not, he is always with us and guiding us even in these difficult moments.


  2. Wow, Pa, very fulfilling spiritual message, Felices Pascuas. Un beso grande de tu hijo que te adora.

    1. Good morning and thank you very much, dear. Happy Easter to you and your family too. Keep up those great inspirational writings of yours, fully absorbed with God Almighty’s saving grace. Let us rejoice (as far as we can possibly do it in these terrible circumstances) because Jesus Christ has risen again for all of us. Hallelujah!
      Un baccione. Arrivederci.

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