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Good morning and Happy Sunday to you all. As you might know from reading one of our previous articles on the tradition,  people of Italian heritage  remember to eat some gnocchi on the 29th of each month to ask the Providence for good bearings (and a dish of healthy, nutritious food at our tables). This month, the 29th day fell on a busy workday so we decided to defer this cooking for Sunday in order to prepare it with care. We will use some fabulous items we bought at the Whole Foods supermarket in Miami.

Preparando la gnocheada

This variant will be heavy on meats as we will use meatballs and sausages for the tomato sauce, for which we decided to christen it as the “Tony Soprano gnocchis” in honor of the unforgettable character played by the late and very much missed James Gandolfini. We remember how, before being whacked with a kitchen pan, one of the characters shouted that he liked to eat a wagon full of meats. The Sopranos is one of our favorite series ever.

We will keep you posted of any new developments in our most humble kitchen.

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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