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Good morning. Yesterday, June 2, Italians celebrated, in a subdued manner, the 74th  Anniversary of the Proclamation on the modern Italian Republic, after World war II. The Festa della Repubblica used to be a joyous event in thousands of big and small piazzas all across the peninsula that were festooned with flags and filled with music.

However, due to the devastating toll of the Coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown, there was not a truly festive mood anywhere to be seen. In fact,  the main celebration was a modest speech by Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Republic, in the town hall of Codogno, the small  village of the province of Lodi in Lombardy, where the pandemic hit first.

Slowly but surely, the incidence of new infected patients and the mortality rate are coming down in the peninsula, which gives fresh hope to the battered population.

Let us rejoice with the majestic display of the national flag’s green-white-red colors by the Frecce Tricolori, the acrobatic team of the Italian Air Force that has been a fixture  of the celebration for years. Yesterday one of the cameramen of the TG Uno newscast was standing in front of the monument to Vittorio Emanuele in Roma, pointing his lens straight up, when suddenly the field was filled with the different colored exhausts of the screeching jets passing by. Bellissimo!

Frecce Tricolori

Auguri per la Festa della Repubblica a tutti nostri connazionali!

Stay distant. stay safe. stay beautiful.

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