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Good afternoon. Today our son Gian Luca is celebrating his 23rd birthday with us. The special social circumstances prodded us to design a modest lunch with him in our apartment in order to avoid any contact in the recently opened up restos of South Florida. However, we will still have a nice chocolate and dulce de leche cake with three candles and wishes. He has his whole marvelous life ahead of him. Buenaventura.

We still remember when the Obstetrics nurse in Saint John’s Hospital of New York City handed us a small rounded ball of flesh and water with slightly slanted eyes (that Asiatic feature is an inherited anatomic characteristic of people from Basque origin) Aleluiah!

Celebrating Giani's 23 birthday

He has been a charming, clever, hard working and generous fellow who makes all his family proud. We just had a video chat conference with his mother and sister who are in two different countries but feel a strong affectionate bonding with the clan’s benjamin. He is the best friend I have ever had in my life. Thank you God Almighty for this gift.

Torta de cumple

Feliz cumple Giani querido!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Gian Luca’s 23rd birthday

  1. Marito, quiero felicitar a Gian Luca. Le deseo lo mejor de esta vida. Salud, Amor y exitos. Es un chico muy inteligente que cuenta con un inmenso potencial y bien guiado intelectualmente por su padre. Felicidades, Congratulations and Happy BIrthday!

    Con cariño,


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