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Good afternoon and Happy Sunday. We hope that you are doing well, following the Public Health guidelines of Social Distancing for the sake of everybody’s health. Today we woke up with a lot of fiacca (Italian word that means “unwillingness to do anything”) but we still wanted to follow our family tradition and prepare a pasta dish for our family. What to do? Remember that last Sunday we prepared a fettuccineada alla Dotta? Remember that we prepared a saumon fumée á la Croix de Lorraine last Wednesday? We still had remnants of the two sauces in the refrigerator and the temptation was big…

Fettuccineada Mare ed Terra

How about if we mixed the two leftovers to produce a “pink sauce” with added shrimp and scallops (it’s never too much) to produce a combination of earthly and sea savors? This awful Social Isolation has sparked many crazy ideas in our mind and this might be one of the worst ones so far. We will let you to be the judge of it…

Buon apetitto! 

Fettuccineada Mare ed Terra II

As you can see this crazy idea has turned our head (and this picture) upside down. To crown this invention, we placed a big ball of Buratta cheese to regal its creaminess.

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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