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Good morning. Yesterday we prepared a special dish to celebrate Sunday with our family; unfortunately due to a little technical glitch, we could not upload the posting. Today we are mending the situation by showing you the dish of penne rigate (also called fucilli) in a rich sauce of San Marzano tomatoes, onions, peppers, ground beef, sausages and Burrata cheese to top it all. We called it “Dotta Plus” in honor of the university city in Italy where this type of sauce supposedly originated; Bologna, la Dotta (the learned one)

Penne rigate alla Dotta II

The aroma of this dish made our heads turn around, like you can see in this picture.

Penne rigate alla Dotta I

Don’t you worry. We saved a good serving for you too. Come and join us. Buon apetitto!

Penne rigate alla Dotta III

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful

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