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Good morning. We would like to share a major concern about the Customer Service provided by WordPress that has been annoying us for weeks.  We had paid for a Quick Start session for a personalized session to develop our page with several items almost two months ago. So far we have been unable to schedule an appointment at a reasonable time (not at a birdy time like 4 or 5 AM) and we have been shocked by their effective indifference to help us out. Trying to get a miserly half-an-hour time-slot with one of their so-called “happiness engineers” (whose happiness are they talking about? Not ours, for sure)  has been so far as frustratingly pitiful and humiliating as the sorry search of this endearing Mamushka in a barren store for a loaf of bread.

Moreover when we have tried to politely chat with one of their representatives, they invariably show up without identifying themselves, as if they were trying to hide from their customers. Why are they so afraid of us? We are  honest about our identities and they should know that we are not “out to get them”, just interested in using their services. The service experience has been quite patchy but this “cat and mouse” game is plainly Un-American, redolent of the Soviet Union, where there was a total disrespect and disdain for the citizenry by the governing nomenklatura. The extravagant pretension of trying to hide their identities from bonafide customers might be an expression of the power asymmetry that, sadly, seems to be searing into the business ethos of this once innovative web company. They might be slowly pivoting from service to self-service.

We know who you are and where you live. You are not entitled to any info about us. Watch out.

Perhaps this company, comrades, has become too big and does not care any longer for us, the “poor little guys.” Perhaps we should adopt a “little obedient” attitude, hoping to one day receive “a little morsel” of their attention. Perhaps we should start trembling with the possibility that they might send us to a “gulag” for rebellious bloggers. Perhaps we should shut up and not complain at all, lest we develop a dangerous reputation of a “troublemaker.”

Oh no!!! Someone is knocking at our door right now. Is the Cheka finally coming to detain us? Will we have time to pick up our toothbrush? How is the weather in Siberia today? Anyone?

Bud’ osthorozen!


Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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4 thoughts on “Sad “sovietization” of WP Customer Service

  1. It must be frustrating to not get immediate responses. I do respect that. And as for not giving out identities? Not everyone is as nice as you, and there has been lashback and nasty treatment in the past based on a name that might sound female or non-American. It’s best to remain neutral. In regard to meeting times, I would encourage you to realize that 2020 is a year like no other. And may it never be replicated. Support queues are soaring as people lose jobs and can’t pay for plans and as brick and mortar stores suddenly need an immediate life online for business survival. There are also people who come to live chat support desperate to talk to another human just to keep sane. It’s so emotionally difficult for all. While Happiness Engineers are getting an influx of issues professionally, all work from home and many now have to deal with children in workspaces and with illness within their own families…the same as the rest of the world. Not making excuses. Just saying that everyone is working for the best, and I know for a fact that the hearts are still there–trying to help to the points of exhaustion and burnout. It’s a very hard year to be a human.

    1. Dear Chrissie: good morning and thank you very much for your quite comprehensive, reasonable and polite commentary. You certainly put the whole situation I have been going through in the right social perspective. I do really understand that there might be people desperate to set up their web pages to bring their businesses afloat or even to chat with another human being in these terrible times. I certainly do understand that many people are working stressed-out from their homes nowadays. However, I am defending my interests too and would appreciate a little bit more consideration. Yesterday someone called “Mike” from Automatic (do you know him?) answered my complaint politely and I am willing to give it another try. Pour quoi pas?
      Un baccione. Arrivederci.

      1. I’m glad you got a response, and of course you should stand up for yourself. I just had a hard time seeing HEs seen as uncaring when I know the back end of that story and see how hard we are all trying to help everyone that comes to us. It’s a very tough year.

      2. Good morning and thank you very much for politely opening our eyes to the difficult circumstances these representatives are toiling under. I just scheduled a session for next Wednesday at a reasonable early time of 8.30 AM. Let us hope it will definitely work. By the way, I am preparing a blog about a peasant soup where I expressly mention that you encouraged me to show the cooking steps. You are making me to work much harder, dear. If you can , check it later.
        A big kiss. Arrivederci.

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