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Good morning. Happy Sunday and All Saints Day to all of you. We, Christians, celebrate today a special day of remembrance for our dead ancestors, which started as camouflaging of a very ancient Celtic celebration: Samhain. In the Northern Hemisphere it was the time to collect all the potatoes and veggies from the fields and store them for the long winter ahead. In order to tip the balance in favor of the Catholic faith, and away from the pagan beliefs, Pope Gregory IV ordered in 835 that believers must celebrate November 1st and Emperor Louis Le Pieux backed him. It is a day when we usually take the time to bring fresh flowers to the tombs of our dear departed. Sadly, the Social Isolation imposed by the pandemic will make it hard, if not almost impossible, for us to follow that ritual.

In order to find some consolation, we prepared today an omelette of veggies and cheese that Memé, our dear maternal grandmother, taught us many years ago in her small, cozy kitchen of the Ciudad Vieja in Montevideo.

Muchas gracias querida Memé por darnos tanto cariño y dedicación en la cocina para todos tus hijos y nietos.

Merci beaucoup chère Memé pour nous donner tellement de douceur et dédication dans la cuisine à nous tous.

Thank you very much dear Memé for giving us so much affection and dedication in the kitchen to all of us.

Bon apétit!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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