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Good afternoon. Today the weather has changed dramatically in our usually sunny, hot and humid South Florida. It is still as intolerably humid as always but the temperature is dropping and the sun sets much earlier, especially after the recent change due to the Daylight Savings Time. To cheer us up, we decided to prepare a hearty peasant’s soup, just like our dear ancestors have done since Ancient Times in the fields they have so laboriously toiled in the Old and New Worlds.

We fixed it with cut potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, peas, corn and angel hair pasta. No meat. As a little concession to modern decadence, we dropped a dollop of parmesan cheese on top.

How does it look? We did not use any animal protein, in keeping with the tradition of our forebears who were “mezzadri” in the fertile fields of Campania and Piemonte, or “bergerons” in the mighty mountains of the Basque country. Even though it might seem a “disadvantage”, in fact it is not. Our grandmother Yolanda told us that they could not afford to buy any meat, except on big celebrations like Christmas. However, the fact that they kept a largely vegetarian diet made them strong and healthy while the absentee landlords who splurged on animal fat and proteins were the ones succumbing to the ravages of Cardiovascular Disease at an earlier age.

Your plate of deliciously healthy soup is served. Please join us at out humble yet cozy table.

Buon apetitto! Bon apétit! Buen apetito!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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