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Good morning and Happy Sunday. Today we woke up with the irresistible craving of a succulent Lox sandwich in a toasted bagel and a Cappuccino to wash it all down. To make our dream come true, we ordered from our favorite bagel shop in South Florida, the Toasted Bagelry and Deli, located in both Brickell and Coral Gables.  We arranged for a traditional New York breakfast.

We got the humongously stuffed Lox bagel sandwich, a Cappuccino and Italian mineral water.

Our Lox sandwich was fixed with additional tomatoes, onions, capers and walnut cream cheese. Sam, its entrepreneurial owner from Up North, likes to brag about the great quality of his bagels.

Indeed they don’t have anything to envy from any fare sold in the Big Apple. Fuggedaboutit!

Buon appettito! 

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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