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Good morning. We knew that you wanted to know how the chimichurri, that we meticulously had prepared yesterday, finally came out. Proudly, we say it’s simply delicious. Here it is, folks.

As you can see, the mixture has considerably thickened overnight in the fridge. We had to try it.

We will make that utmost sacrifice of enjoying this beef burger with a lot of chimichurri on top.

Bon apétit!

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “Our chimichurri is simply delicious

    1. Buenas tardes y gracias por tu lindo comentario, mija. Si, tenes razon en lo del color. Lamentablemente ayer no tenia perejil y no le pude poner. Voy a picar un poco de perejil y agregarselo. Lo importante es que me quedo, no solo sabroso, pero tambiern muy saludable. al agregarle un poco de miel a la mezcla al final; eso hace que la acidez del vinagre de vino blanco no se note tanto. Hay quer protejer nuestra mucosa gastrica che. Un besote.

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