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Good morning. Today marks the 40th anniversary of that terrible day when John Lennon was cowardly assassinated in the footsteps of the Dakota Apartments building in New York City. For all of us who were young and enjoying his music at the time, it was a sad day when we were overwhelmed by the deep angst of a missing familiar figure. The Nobel Literature Laureate García Márquez said that his career represented an “apotheosis for the losers.” We all have our own version of John Lennon, be the musician, be the rebel, be the unrepentant working class outsider.

His musical legacy remains, with many songs that are regularly played in the radio and other streaming devices. Perhaps if he would have survived, he would have given up music and started to write poetry for our spirit’s solace. He had a very sad childhood and a difficult teenage period but he could overcome them with the joy of creation. As we are writing these words, we are listening to his marvelous interpretation of Stand by Me. We’re standing by you.

Note – This image was taken from Wikimedia Commons.

Now more than ever, we need such a pleasant and positive public figure to pull us out of this pandemic’s morass. We strongly recommend that you listen to one of your favorite Beatles song to lift your spirits today. You (we) need it.

Thank you very much, dear John, May God Almighty keep you in his/her/ihr Eternal Grace.

Stay distant. Stay safe Stay beautiful.

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