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Good afternoon. last night an unusually cold front came down on the Southeastern USA, lowering the temperatues in South Florida to the 40-50s Fahrenheit range. Too cold for our battered bodies used to the warming sun. So we decided to order something strong to cure our “foideur”: a café au lait with pastries from the Buenos Aires Bakery.

We have known Aníbal, its charming owner, since our times of studies at Columbia University in New York City where he used to own a small bakery in Roosevelt Avenue. Every Saturday we had a family outing to buy his top fare. For a few years now, he has re-settled in Miami Beach and Pembroke Pines, where he became a big success.

We promise to make a full fledged article soon about this great bakery and delicatessen in Miami Beach. In the meantime, allow us to enjoy one the great little pleasures of life: to dip a crispy croissant in a hot café au lait. Yumi!

Please disregard the unbecoming sight of last night’s empty dishes waiting to be scrubbed in the sink to the right. This is precisely a spontaneous, non-edited small videoclip about our present reality, with no artificious make-up.

In the afternoon, we sampled a bite of their deliciously stuffed panettone with our loyal mate amargo. Here it is.

As you can see it is loaded with fruits and nuts plus the inside is moist (an not dry like the pre-packaged ones)

We cut a portion for you. Please join us at our humble table to enjoy this Christmas tradition. Buon Natale!

Buon appetito!

Buenos Aires Bakery & Café

7134 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach, Florida  33141

Tel: (305)861-7887

Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay beautiful.

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